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As the beauty industry is slowly (but surely) becoming more conscious of the ingredients that are placed in cosmetics, one division of the industry is setting an example. Nail polish companies are recognizing the harmful effects of five key ingredients: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. These five ingredients have traditionally been included in most nail polishes. Below are companies that are leading the way for a healthier beauty industry by eliminating five of the most harmful ingredients from their formulas. Be sure to check out the following five-free brands for healthy nails.

Jenna Hipp

Jenna Hipp is one of the trendiest nail polish brands among the Hollywood crowd right now. Jenna herself is a celebrity nail artist that has learned firsthand the importance of using nail polishes that enhance nail health, as opposed to polishes that harm natural nails. She is known in Hollywood as the “green manicurist” for her use of earth-friendly polishes and nail care products.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

This brand is five-free AND vegan AND cruelty-free. Not only is this company a “win” for their loyalty to healthier nails and not harming animals, but they also offer unique shades that only need one coat to look flawless. This brand draws a crowd of loyalists that swear by their polish.


Julep is known for their subscription service that delivers new nail polish colors every month. The brand has always been five-free and proudly fosters a sense of community among its subscribers—called Mavens. The brand also offers a wide array of other cosmetic products with various benefits and non-toxic ingredients.


This New York City brand is as just as posh as it is healthy. Their non-toxic formulas are offered in a wide variety of color tones. If painting your own nails isn’t your thing, you can visit one of their salons to have someone else paint them for you. Tenoverten is a beauty industry favorite due to their chic colors, trendy branding, and salon offerings. While their salons are currently only based in NYC and Texas, they plan to expand soon. This brand is one to watch.

Smith & Cult

This line of nail polishes was created by the same woman who created Hard Candy Cosmetics. These five-free polishes come in a wide range of colors. Perhaps the most exciting part of this brand, however, is the chic bottle that contains each polish. The social media beauty gurus are fans of this brand for their classy and upscale aesthetic.

While there is an endless supply of cheap, trendy, and appealing nail polish brands, nothing compares to nail polish that doesn’t harm you or your nails. Nail health is an important part of overall health—and your beauty regimen. Next time you want to paint your nails, check out these brands to ensure that your nails are equally as healthy as they are pretty. Your nails will thank you for it.