White Cosmetic pencil
Image: Valua Vitaly/Shutterstock

When going for bold eye makeup, it may sound strange to talk about white eyeliner. Surprisingly, adding white eyeliner to your beauty routine can bring your whole look up a notch. The contrast between white and black eyeliner will bring even more attention to a cat eye, and a line of white liner on the waterline will make your eyes look much bigger. Check out five different ways to wear white eyeliner to amp up your makeup routine.

  1. Layer your liner. Apply a line of black liner as you normally would, either a simple line or as a fierce cat eye. Apply another line of white eyeliner directly above the black. This contrast of white on top of black will illuminate the black line so it appears even bolder. If you’re looking for a good way to thicken your eyeliner or amp up your cat eye, then adding white above the black is the perfect solution.
  2. Get inspired by the sixties. Again, apply your usual black cat eye on the top lid. Make the line slightly thicker than usual. Apply a thick line of white liner along the bottom lid, not on the wet line. Bring this white line out all the way under the black wing. Now you have a half black, half white cat eye that’s perfect for a sixties-style look or cat costume.
  3. Cover the inner corners of your eyes. Instead of applying shimmery white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eye to contour your eye shadow, simply apply white eyeliner around the inside corners of your eyes for a white color that lasts.
  4. Get rid of the redness. Eliminate any redness in your eyes by adding white eyeliner along the bottom waterline. This trick works wonders. You can still use black eyeliner as usual, but the white will clean everything up.
  5. Go for complete coverage. Use white eyeliner on the top lid and blend it over your entire eyelid, even adding some shimmery white shadow. Apply both white liner and shimmer under your eye for a 360-degree luminous white look.