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Image: YouTube

This summer’s hottest makeup trend is dewy skin. The look is effortlessly glowing with the right amount of shine, while still maintaining a matte appearance. These hacks will help you get the dewy look without acquiring excess oil or appearing too cakey. Follow these tips to have radiant skin in three steps or less and with products you already own.

1. Lip Balm

After applying your normal face makeup, including foundation, blush, and bronzer, use a lip balm above your cheek bones to create a quick and easy dewy glow. Swipe the balm from your cheek up toward the outside corner of your eyes and concentrate more lip balm on your cheeks. Add just a light swipe on the bridge of your nose and on your brow bone, which is the bone on top of the outside end of your brow. We love using a shimmering lip balm to add a little sparkle to our dewy glow. Try Burt’s Bees’ Lip Shimmer in Champagne for iridescent cheeks.

2. Coconut Oil

Another quick trick is to dab some coconut oil in the spots you wish to highlight. Apply in the same area as you would the lip balm—on top of your cheek bones moving in the direction from your nose to your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, and on your brow bones. This dewy makeup hack is an all-natural way to acquire the most-wanted glow. Coconut oil will repair and hydrate your skin for an added bonus.

3. Lipstick

To rock the perfect dewy glow with a light blush tint, combine two shades of lipstick. Use one lightly shimmering lipstick and one matte lipstick. Choose shades that match the blush color you wish to obtain. Some ideas include a light pink shimmery lipstick with a matte nude, or a shimmery coral lipstick with a light brown matte lip color. Simply apply a little of both directly to your cheeks and use your finger to even the tone out. For your nose and brow bones, use lip balm or coconut oil instead of lip colors.

4. Eye Shadow

For a lightweight option, apply a white, peach, gold, or cream eye shadow above your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and on your brow bones. This hack will feel lighter than oils or thick lip products, but it will provide a more subtle glow than the other tricks. If you love these colors of eye shadow but want something a little more dewy, just add a dab of coconut oil with the eye shadow and you’ve found the perfect happy medium!

5. Petroleum Jelly

A little petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, can go a long way. Apply in all of the same places—cheeks, nose, and above the brows. Use a light amount to keep the glow natural. This trick will repair dry skin and keep your skin soft and youthful.