weekend looks metallic lips galaxy nails dutch braid bun

Want a new, dazzling look for just this weekend? This week we’re looking at galaxy nails, an easy Dutch braid bun, metallic matte lips, DIY hair chains and electric eyes.

Galaxy nails

One amazing look involves using the Hubble Telescope as the inspiration for nail art. This look is defined by its galactic gaseous colors mixed in with a dark starry backdrop. This is going to be one of the hardest looks to create with polish, so you can find this design easily on nail stickers, like these Milky Way stickers.

Easy Dutch braid bun

This look combines the convenience of tucking your hair away in a bun with the romantic look of a Dutch braid. This look starts by creating a Dutch braid along the front of the hairline, starting at a middle part in the hair and ending above the ear. Then that braid goes into a basic three-strand braid the rest of the hair’s length.

Another three-strand braid is formed at the base of the neck using a single lower layer of hair. Then a loose bun is tied with the remaining hair and first braid, and the lower braid is wrapped around the base of the bun.

Metallic matte lips

A both metallic and matte lip may seem like something of an oxymoron. Yet this stunning look uses a matte baby pink lipstick as a base. Then over that, a shimmery lip gloss with a pearl finish is added. The whole thing ends up looking grounded yet translucent. You can apply as described above to customize the base color a bit, or you can find the exact shade of baby pink metallic matte lip color here.

DIY chain hair accessory

This cool tutorial allows for an exotic hair chain look. For this, you’ll just need some basic, thin chains from the jewelry section of the craft store, some plain hair combs, metal cutters and some pliers. Measure the chains so they fall along the back of your hair elegantly. Cut them if needed. Use the pliers to attach each end of the chain to two hair combs. Put your hair up in a high bun and place the hair combs on each side of your head so the chains are draping around the back of the hairstyle.

Electric eyes

If you want a stunning multicolored look for your eyes over the weekend, this look makes the most of a bright, electric green shade of shimmery eye shadow. Start by applying a shade of deep midnight blue around the crease of the eye. Add a little dark pink above that. On the lid itself, add a generous amount of green eye shadow. Blend all the colors outwards slightly as you apply them. The colors all come together for a bold look that just works.