helix eyeliner double cat eye coral lips chrome nails

Looking for a slightly different style just for over the weekend? This week we’re looking at DIY flower barrettes, helix eyeliner, a double cat eye, coral lips with red eyeliner, and chrome nails.

DIY flower barrette

diy flower barrette
Image: Domestically Speaking

This little hair accessory hack really couldn’t get any easier. You’ll just need small faux flowers, plain metal hair clips, and some hot glue. Glue the small flowers to the top of the barrette. Pin them in you hair. Done. Check out the tutorial here.

These would go great with casual boho-chic styles like loose braids. They’re also good all-purpose clips you can put in hair that you’re wearing loose, for an instant romantic look.

Helix eyeliner

helix eyeliner
Image: Pinterest

If you’ve never seen the helix cat eye, it’s a very long cat eye design with a neon stripe wrapping around the outer portion of the cat eye. You start by applying a thick line of eyeliner, and then draw it angling upward and out, tapering off as you go. The end of the eyeliner should reach a few inches to the side of the eye.

Then you use a neon paint or gel liner to draw a small strand snaking its way around the part of the eyeliner that’s to the side of the eye. When you’re done, it looks like an elongated cat eye that has a little neon thread playing about the side.

Double cat eye

double cat eye
Image: Pinterest

Speaking of cat eyes, if you ever need to spice up a basic cat eye, this look has you covered. You just draw a basic cat eye like you normally would. Then below that, draw a second cat eye pattern coming off the side of the eye, but only make an outline, don’t fill it in. Think of it like the negative space nail trend, but for the eye. That second cat eye pattern should have just a small gap from the first one.

Coral lip and bronze eye shadow

coral lip bronze eye shadow
Image: Pinterest

Want a stunning coordinated look this weekend? One look that’s huge is to combine a coral lip with a bronze eye shadow. The bronze eye shadow should be applied fairly heavy, but should also be well blended under the eyebrow. The lipstick should be a bright coral, going as bright as neon, if you can handle it. The two warm tones complement each other.

This is usually a summer look, but sometimes trends are about breaking the rules, so wear it whenever you feel you need a bit of warmth in your look.

Chrome nails

chrome nails
Image: Pinterest

A really sweet nail trend out there right now is chrome nails. It looks like your nails are pools of molten metal or a liquid mirror. It reflects the light like crazy and is sure to grab attention wherever you go.

If you want to do this look yourself, this will take several steps. You’ll need to apply a gel topcoat as a base, a chrome powder that gets that high shine like Mirror Nail Chrome Magic Powder and a gel coat over the powder. You can find a kit for it online.