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Sometimes it’s fun to shake up your look on the weekend. So this week we’re looking at an inverted braid style, a pretty nude nail, an easy DIY beaded headband, matte dark red lips, and negative space nails with added bling.

Topsy-turvey braid bun

dutch braid
Image: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a slightly different style, why not invert the basic Dutch braid? This look starts the braid at the base of the neck. Make sure to use large chunks of hair for the strands in the braid, as this look is all about a large, noticeable braid. Then at the top of the head, secure the remaining hair in a voluminous bun. It’s a fun twist for casual gatherings over the weekend.

Clean nude nails with statement ring

nude nails with statement ring
Image: Pinterest

Looking for something clean and classy? Try a basic nude nail. A high-sheen pink fleshy color is what you’re going for as a base. Add a gel topcoat for added shine. This look is all about catching the light. To add some pizazz, a large statement ring balances out the more basic look of the nails.

DIY bead headband

DIY bead handband
Image: Pinterest

This actually converts a necklace right into a headband, and it can be turned into a necklace again. It’s a great way to get some mileage out of your accessories. You’ll need a shorter necklace that consists of straight beads on a string. Then you’ll use pliers to add a small metal jewelry ring to both the clasp and hook of the necklace. Loop a basic stretchy hair tie into the metal rings, and then close the rings with the pliers. Then wear as you would a normal headband. Reverse the steps to use as a necklace again.

Matte dark red lips

dark red matte lips
Image: Pinterest

A basic matte dark red lip style is wonderful any time of the year. Try a matte lip stain for lasting color, or there are tons of great matte dark red lipstick shades, too. It looks great for both casual gatherings and fancy events. To make sure the darker color has precise lines and doesn’t feather, remember to apply a lip liner in a similar shade.

Negative space nails with rhinestones

negative space nails with rhinestones
Image: Pinterest

Negative space—or bare—nails are all the rage. A basic clear gel coat on half of your nails will get your negative space nails looking clean and shimmery. Then add some rhinestones at the bottom of those nails as a fun accent. They should lead up the side of the nail, tapering off as they go along. Some shimmery accent nails that match the color of the rhinestones complete this look.