ombre glitter nails fairy pout lip hair bead accessory

Looking for a way to spice up your life on the weekend? This week we’re looking at a Gibson tuck for a bun, ombre sequin nails, holographic shimmer eyes, fairy pout lips and an easy DIY bead piece for the hair.

Gibson tuck

This is an elegant twist on a classic bun style. Literally. It involves twisting the hair and tucking a bun up. Start by twisting the strands of hair above the ears and lead those to the back of the head. Then tie a low ponytail. Flip the ponytail over itself so it tucks in and you can’t see the tie. Pin the hair in place.

Ombre sequin nails

Ombre remains a huge hit in everything from nails to hair to lip colors. This is a fun way to add a little bit of shimmer to your look over the weekend. Start by painting on a basic white basecoat on your nails, and let that dry. Then apply a sequin nail polish at the tips thickly, dabbing and tapering off the farther up the nail you go. The sequin polish should end at the halfway point on the nail.

Holographic shimmer eyes

Speaking of shimmery looks, this stunning eye makeup idea is great for a wild party or a night out at a club. It blends a shimmery eye shadow with a deeper color for a look that makes the eyelid really pop. Start by applying a darker shade, like a mauve or bronze, to the crease of the eyes. Blend that out slightly. Then apply a light glittery eye shadow, like a silver shade, to the eyelids themselves. Use a blender brush to blend the two shades together. This pairs well with a thick eyeliner and dark mascara.

Fairy pout lips

This veers more into a statement look, but might be fun to try just on the weekend for some type of wild theme party or a night at a club. This look makes use of a glitter pigment powder on light lipstick. The bottom of the lip is covered in a bit of foundation to blend it out. Then the top of the bottom lip and the upper lip is covered in a dazzling, bright color like purple. Add a pigment powder that’s safe for lips to the top of the bottom lip and the top of the upper lip.

For a more muted look, you could try painting your lips a normal color like a deep red. Then add a touch of a glittery lip gloss on the upper portions of the bottom and top lips. It’ll act as a lightly shimmering accent.

Easy bead hair accent

This look is super easy and gives a slightly boho look. All you need to do is string some small beads together and tie that string to a hair clip. Clip that into the top of the hair so the beads are hanging down in the length of the hair like a hair wrap.