warm under glow eye shadow tie dye lips neutral ombre nails

Need a brand new look to shake up your weekend? This week we’re covering white and nude ombre nails, warm under glow eyes, tie dye lips, a scarf up do and a DIY quartz barrette.

White ombre neutral nails

If you like the soft look of nude color nails, then you’ll love this style. It starts with a white tip that leads into a nude flesh-colored nail in an ombre pattern. To get this look, paint the nail a nude base color. Then apply the white polish to a sponge and dab the sponge on the tip of the nail. Then add both the nude and white polish to the sponge next to each other, and dab that on the nail over the corresponding colors to create a softer divide between the two colors. Let dry and add a couple layers of topcoat.

Warm under glow eye

Want a warm, bright look to your eye makeup? This look is perfect for upcoming spring trends. You start by applying a peach color to the crease of the eye, and then add very light eye shadow to the lid, like in a white shade. Under the eye, add a line of pink berry color for the liner.

Tie dye lips

Need a funky look for that wild theme party, concert or festival? This look makes the most of neon shades. Basically you find lip colors in neon pink, yellow, orange, green and red. Then apply each color to a different part of the lip in a patchwork pattern, making sure to blend the colors slightly with a blender brush.

Scarf up do

This elegant idea is the perfect, unique twist for the weekend. You start by parting your hair on either side of your neck. Drape the scarf around your neck. Braid each side of the hair, using the scarf as one of the strands in a basic three-strand braid. Then pull those braids up around the head where a headband would normally sit. Tie the ends of the scarf together at the top and twist it into a knot pattern.

DIY quartz barrette

Love the naturalistic look of stones? This easy tutorial helps you apply that look to a basic barrette. You’ll need some leather crafting fabric, some long quarts crystals, a basic metal barrette and some crafter’s glue. Start by cutting the fabric so it is as long as the barrette, and glue it to the top of the barrette. Then glue your quarts crystals over the leather so they’re covering the fabric. You’ll be left with a look like the crystals are free-floating in the hair.