weekend looks negative space rose gold

Want to try a brand new look just for the weekend? This week we’re looking at rose gold glitter eyeliner, matching bright lips with eyeliner, a romantic Dutch braid, negative space nails with tips and a DIY star hairpin.

Rose gold glitter eyeliner

If you’re looking for a bit of glamor that veers more into the slightly accented, you’ll want to take a look at rose gold glitter eyeliner. Metallic/glitter eyeliners are the perfect way to add some shimmer without going overboard. And rose gold is a popular shade in everything from makeup to hair right now. For this look, try Golden Rose Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner, 03.

Matching bright lips and eyeliner

For another dazzling look, bright makeup is huge right now. Even more popular is matching lip colors with bold eye shadows and liners. One idea is to have a bold berry lip with a berry eyeliner.

The fashion runways are featuring eyeliner that is applied in bold, thick strokes that don’t go across the whole eye. But feel free to apply the look a little more conventionally. If you’re really looking for the style to be a little more conventional, try matching darker brown lipstick with brown eyeliner, or in another more nude shade.

Negative space nail tips

Negative space nails are a huge fashion statement that’s been trending for some time now. You can either apply a couple layers of gel topcoat to accent your natural nails, or apply a nude shade of polish with a gel topcoat. Then paint the tips of your nails a striking glossy black.

Romantic Dutch braid

Need a romantic yet casual look for the weekend? Then you’ll want to try this boho Dutch braid that hangs down in long hair. You start by forming a Dutch braid starting at the front of the hair right next to a middle part. This leads to the back of the head. Then lead that braid into a basic three-strand braid that hangs in the length of the hair.

DIY star hairpin

If you want a hairpin that looks as whimsical as it does unique, you’ll want to try this starburst DIY hairpiece. You’ll need some plastic star buttons from the craft store, along with some plain metal barrettes and some thin gold metal crafting wire.

Loop the wire through some of the buttons and fasten the wire into the barrettes, leaving space so the stars are sticking out and you can see the wire. After that, glue some stars to the base of the barrette using a strong crafter’s glue like E-6000. Spray paint the whole thing metallic gold.