negative space metallic nails dark lips nude eye makeup braid boho hairstyle weekend style

Need a new look for just this weekend? This week we’re looking at shimmery nail accents, boho braids, a nude eye with a dark lip color, negative space nails and a DIY bead rope for up dos.

Bling and Glitter Nails

Part of a fun weekend look is to add a bit of glitz and glamour. One idea is to have a single glitter accent nail among all nude nails. Then on the base of the nude nails, glue on some rhinestone accent pieces. The rhinestones should match the glitter in color for a cohesive look. The muted nature of the nude nails and the glitz of the glitter and rhinestones juxtapose each other nicely.

Boho Chic Braids

Need an easy way to add some casual charm? A single three-strand boho braid looks stunning in long hair. What’s interesting about this look, though, is that it has multiple braids working together to create one cohesive look.

A boho braid starts a few inches down from the scalp, and then the top part of the hair is pulled back in a half-up do, along with the first braid. Then, single three-strand braids lead down from under the part that is pulled back, and sit in the length of the hair. There is one braid hanging down on each side of the head.

Nude Eye with Dark Lips

One key way to rock dark lipstick is to make sure the eye does not compete with the lipstick too much. So one idea is to wear a dark red lipstick with nothing but thick mascara. An optional thin line of eyeliner on the top eyelids could also add an accent without taking attention away from the dark lip color.

Metallic with Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are a huge hit right now; it’s where part of the nail is left bare. To put a cool twist on it, combine negative space nails with golden strips. Basically, metallic decal stickers are added to the nails in slanting strips. Parts are painted black and other parts of the nail are left plain. It’s a chic, modern look.

DIY Bead Rope for Hair

One stunning way to embellish an up do is to add in some beads that appear to be free-floating. For this, you’ll just need some large round beads and a thick cord that matches your hair color. The cord should just barely fit through the beads.

Make a knot at the end of the cord and string the beds onto the cord, leaving a few gaps between the beads. Knot the other end of the cord. Then put your hair in a loose up do. Weave the beads around in the hair, and then pin the bead rope in place with hairpins.