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Since it’s common to start your New Year with a list of resolutions, why not go all out and use this as an opportunity to also perfect your beauty regimen? Although fitness and financial goals are obviously important, don’t overlook your skincare habits as an additional way to boost your confidence and enhance your self-care routine. For 2017, I encourage you to really sit down and analyze the ways you interact with your skin. With this list, we will kick the bad habits once and for all and glow all year! Below are the five New Year’s resolutions that are bound to help even the most troublesome skin.

Weekly Face Mask

Setting aside time each week to intentionally care for your skin encourages healthy self-care habits and also nourishes your skin. Face masks can be purchased for as little as a few dollars from drug stores or they can cost hundreds of dollars from private label companies. Depending on your needs and budget, there are plenty of face masks that will work wonders on your skin. From brightening sheet masks to detoxifying mud masks, a weekly face mask session will combat any skin issues before they arise.

Wash Twice Daily

As basic as this may sound, the simple act of washing your face in the morning and again at night is a crucial step in the process of maintaining healthy skin. Find a cleanser that matches your skin type and use it twice daily for optimal results.

Go One Day A Week Without Makeup

Although this may be the hardest step, it can really make a huge difference. If you follow professional models on social media, you’ve more than likely noticed that they tend to go days without wearing a single stitch of makeup. This habit is actually quite common for models because it keeps their skin as clear as possible. While they are working, they are wearing a full face of makeup. When they are off, their skin has a chance to breathe again. Set a goal of trying to go one day each week without wearing makeup—you can do it!

Drink More Water

This is the tried and true method of clear skin. Water is not only essential for us to live, but it clears out toxins that harm our bodies. The more water you drink, the healthier you will be overall—and the better your skin will be.

 Find The Perfect Moisturizer For You

It can be expensive to test out new moisturizers and skin cream—especially the kinds that boast about their amazing qualities. However, the good news is that almost every retailer offers free samples. Do research online about the best moisturizers for your skin type and read some reviews. Once you have a few potential matches picked out, take your list to a cosmetic store and ask somebody for assistance in sampling the products. They may even have other recommendations for you.