perky blonde ponytail
Image: Answers

Everyone has those days where you roll out of bed and you’re already late, or when the humidity has turned your hair into a dry and brittle, frizzy mess. Ponytails are the quickest way to be ready in a jiffy, but sometimes we can even waste twenty minutes trying to get them volumized and pretty. Tuck these quick tips in your back pocket for instant ways to transform your pony from drab to fab. You can also try these invisibobble hacks for an easy, no-crease ponytail.

  1. Long, luscious ponytail: You don’t need lengthy hair to get that most-wanted long, wavy, and thick ponytail. Simply gather your hair in two sections—one with the top half of your hair, and one with the bottom half. Lightly tease the top portion to create a bit of umph. Tie the top section into a ponytail and tighten to add extra volume. Secure the bottom half into a ponytail just underneath. Barely curl both sections of hair and situate the top bundle of hair around the lower bundle to cover up the second rubber band. Now you’ve just added two inches to your hair!
  2. Easy chignon: A chignon is a ponytail variation that looks more like a classy, sophisticated low bun. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, but make sure the front sections on both the right and left side are twisted inward. Take the ponytail and loop it over and through the section just above the rubber band. Bobby pin the ends underneath so no loose hairs stick out.
  3. Mega volume: Is your pony tail looking flat to the point of no hope? After tying your hair in a mid-high ponytail, separate it into a top and bottom section. Place a tiny butterfly clip in between the sections for an instant, but disguised lift. Tease the bottom side of the top section for better coverage.
  4. Perky pony: Similar to the previous look, adding two bobby pins downward into the bottom side of your ponytail will add a mega-boost so your pony is perky and flirty.
  5. Side braid: If you have pesky hairs sticking out on either side of your head, then this is the trick you need. Separate a tiny portion of hair on either side of your head, including the pieces that are uncooperative, braid them, and secure them into your ponytail. Hair spray the braids to keep any whispies from escaping.

Even if you aren’t having a frustrating hair day, these quick hairstyles are sassy and girly, and they would look great with any outfit. Try each one and let us know which was your favorite!