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Ah, coconut oil. Why does everyone love it so much? Really, the question should be why doesn’t everyone love it? At this point, coconut oil is one of the only things in my life that truly brings me happiness, no matter what. It has never let me down, not once. Hold on while I get emotional.

With this being said, I think it’s also safe to say that coconut oil > boys. I mean honestly, how can you argue with that? Here are our top five reasons to consider getting into your next relationship with coconut oil instead of a boy. Hear us out.

(Disclaimer: We don’t hate guys, in fact, we love them for many reasons. We just love coconut oil more.)


It takes your mascara off when you want it to

Instead of your mascara running from crying over a boy, why not avoid that entire situation and let coconut oil do its job? But really, the oil does make a great makeup remover. Just put a little on a cotton pad and wipe away your fierce lashes. This way, you won’t have black tears running down your face for all the wrong reasons.

It might make you skinnier

Everyone knows that when you’re in a relationship, you’re bound to gain at least a little weight. How can you say no to a date with a burger and fries and a cute guy (the rhyme makes it even cheesier)? But when in a serious relationship with coconut oil, none of that will be happening. Coconut oil does contain a lot of fat, but it’s the good kind of fat. These fats, also called MCFA’s are actually easier to digest, smaller in size, and are processed by your liver which means they are immediately turned into energy instead of stored into fat. Try using coconut oil in place of other oils while cooking, or adding it to a smoothie. It’ll do your waistline better than any guy will, promise.

It’ll make your hair shinier (instead of wanting to pull it out)

The fatty acids in coconut oil are exactly what your hair needs. Not only will it make your mane shiny and lustrous, but it will also add hydration and repair to any strands in need. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know how frustrating a guy can be about certain things. Instead of pulling your hair out because of him, try using coconut oil as a hair mask to make all your troubles melt away. Problem solved.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

It’s cheaper

Relationship = more expenses. Just being honest here. Usually, dating means going out more and spending money on things you don’t need, and things you probably shouldn’t eat. When really focusing on coconut oil, you only have to purchase it once and it more than pays for itself. Usually, you can get a tub of the miraculous oil for around $10 (find our favorite here), depending on where you get it from and what kind. How can you beat that? Why stay in a complicated and expensive relationship with a guy when you can just spend $10 once for all the happiness in the world?

It will literally never disappoint you

With any human relationship, it’s impossible for both parties to be absolutely perfect at all times. Not with coconut oil. The perfection of this oily holy water will forever keep your happiness at its peak. How could you possibly get mad when your hair is always shiny, your skin is always soft, your body is always perfectly healthy, and you’re constantly pampering yourself? You couldn’t.