rose petal beauty hacks
Image: Pexels

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as rose petals. Seen as romantic and decadent for ages, it’s no wonder they also feature prominently in the beauty world. Whether added to a bath or used as a natural toner, adding rose petals to your beauty routine is a great way to pamper yourself. So below are some of the top rose petal beauty hacks.

Tone and brighten skin with homemade rosewater

One of the most popular rose petal beauty hacks out there is to make your own rosewater. Rosewater is a great natural toner and it can even treat dark areas under the eyes.

To make the water, add some organic rose petals to a pot and add enough distilled water to cover the petals. Simmer on low heat until you see the water take on the color of the roses and the roses fade in color. Strain out the roses. Let the liquid cool in the refrigerator and you have a homemade rosewater toner.

To treat puffy eyes, soak some cotton pads in the rosewater and leave them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. To be proactive, do this at night right before bed.

Make a rose petal exfoliator

Rose petals make a great addition to your favorite DIY exfoliator recipe. You can blend them in fresh or dried. For an easy sugar scrub, combine a couple handfuls of fresh rose petals, a couple cups of while or brown sugar and about a half cup of olive oil using a blender. The rose petals will add a divine scent and help nourish skin with their natural vitamin C.

Soak in a rose petal bath

Another super popular use for rose petals is to add them to baths. The scent alone has been used as a natural way to treat depression and anxiety. This one’s super easy: just toss enough fresh rose petals in the bath to get a decent rose petal coating over the water. For added benefits, you can even add rose essential oil or rosewater, along with some Epsom salt.

Treat sun damage

Whether you managed to nuke your skin with a horrible sunburn, or your skin just feels a little dry after being out in the sun all day, this recipe will add moisture back into your skin. Combine one part crushed rose petals to one part aloe vera gel. Blend the two together in a blender, and then strain out the remaining petals. The roses will work with the aloe vera as an anti-inflammatory, too.

Make hair perfume

Wish your hair would smell a little more fresh on that day two clean? Harness the scent of roses! Simply take some of that rosewater and lightly spray it into your hair. You can also add a few drops of complementary essential oils to boost the fragrance, like lavender or vanilla.