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A glowing and tan complexion is the best accessory that any girl can have for the summer season. But, when fall and winter roll around, no one wants to lose that healthy, sexy look. Of course, summer is warm and sunny and keeps you outside in the open air much more often. But, the cooler weather keeps you indoors with your skin covered and also dries out your skin! That combination can be lethal for that hard-earned bronzed goddess look that you worked so hard for all summer. Here’s some tips on how to make sure your tan lasts through the winter.


In preparation for the time you’ll be spending in the sun, always exfoliate beforehand. A dry epidermis will create an uneven and patchy surface and is more prone to quick peeling which means losing your tan. Exfoliating will remove the top layer of dry dead skin, allowing you to evenly tan and keep the bronzed skin for as long as possible.

Stay hydrated        

Without proper hydration, your skin will shrivel up like a thirsty flower petal. Your tan will fade as quickly as your skin sheds away. Hydrated skin will also look better, be less likely to wrinkle, and have fewer pimples. This means limiting caffeine and other dehydrating beverages and maintaining a regular intake of water.

Use moisturizers with self-tanning      

There are a lot of great moisturizers out there these days with built-in self-tanners that will safely and effectively keep your skin’s glow even and deep as the sunny days begin to fade. Way back when, the tanning lotions smelled terrible and left an uneven and drastic look. But that is not so anymore. If you have not checked out a self-tanning product yet, they can be very helpful.

Skip hot baths and showers

Hot baths and showers are amazing, but when you have a new tan they can work against you. The hot temperature of the water can dry out your skin which leads to a faster shedding of the skin cells. You want to try and keep your skin hydrated and intact in order to keep your tan longer, so keep the water temperature a bit cooler.

Wear white

While this may not actually help you to keep your tan longer, it can cause you to look tanner than you are. As your bronze begins to fade, the contrast of white clothes will make any tan you have left stand out.

So, remember, the cleaner and more moisturized your skin, the better—both before and after the tanning. A combination of a little sun, a few white garments, and some gradual self-tanning lotion will give you a natural, long-lasting and stunning look that won’t fade as the leaves change.