coconut water on the ocean pier
By: Rodrigo Soldon

Coconut water has been all the talk lately for its health benefits. We’ve been drinking it for months now and can’t get enough. Dreaming of paradise? The tropical flavor of coconut water will take you to the beach with just one sip. This extremely hydrating beverage can be just as hydrating when applied topically to your skin. So keep stocking up on bottles of coconut water so you can use them for drinking and for natural beauty. Keep in mind that coconut water doesn’t contain any preservatives, so it must be used within twenty-four hours of opening. Here are five ways you can use coconut water topically:

  1. Soak cotton pads, three paper towels, or a washcloth with coconut water. Lay down and place the soaked pads or towel over your entire face. Make sure the soaked item is pressed firmly against your skin. Lay still with your face covered for at least ten minutes, but you can do this for up to thirty minutes for amazing results! Just ten minutes though will leave your skin soft, unbelievably hydrated, and your fine lines with be more supple and less noticeable.
  2. Find a 2 oz. spray bottle that you can keep accessible while traveling. Fill the bottle with coconut water when you arrive at an airport or at the start of a road trip. Drink the remaining coconut water for hydration benefits within. Use the spray to give your skin an energy boost to look refreshed upon arrival at your destination. Use it to eliminate the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, give your cheeks a tiny face lift, and to make your face look more awake. You can also spray the water on your hands, elbows, or knees and use in the same way you would lotion.
  3. Use coconut water as a face toner. After washing your face before bed, soak a washcloth in coconut water and scrub all over. Wake up with an even, glowing skin tone. The coconut water toner will also reduce the appearance of red blemishes, acne, and works as an anti-aging moisturizer.
  4. Dip a cotton ball in coconut water to use as a powerful makeup remover that also picks up dirt leaving your face squeaky clean.
  5. Pour a bit of coconut water to the roots of your hair either in the shower or directly after. This will heal brittle, dry hair and strengthen your hair follicles, leading to strong and healthy hair.