Maria Borges VS Fashion Show 2015
Image: WikiCommons/FeLLC

5 Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rules We Learned From The Angels

Last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was one of the best yet. Our biggest takeaway is that natural beauty shines above all else. The angels walked the runway in natural makeup, loose, wavy hair, and with big smiles. Of course they have many reasons to be comfortable in their skin (many of them working out several times a day, seven days a week), but their message was loud and clear—you’re most beautiful when you’re happy and confident.

Natural Always Wins

Maria Borges made history at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as she rocked the runway au natural. This was the first time an angel has ever been in the show with completely natural hair. And we must say, she stole the show. Her confidence was enough to make her stand out, but it was refreshing to see a model as her true self. This goes to show that natural is always better. Extensions, colorful dyes, and layering hair products are fun occasionally, and we are certainly not against them, but we are affirming that it is always more beautiful to rock what you’ve already got.

Translucent Powder Will Improve Your Selfies

We also learned that selfies are A-okay, and we can all stop bashing them. The angels took us backstage to talk selfies, and they each shared their favorite selfies along with the beauty tips for creating the best photos. Translucent powder, or setting powder, is essential. Always apply after you complete your makeup for a flawless finish. This will seal your makeup in and create a radiant glow that has you photo-ready.

Beachy Waves > Bouncy Curls

Bye bye bouncy curls coated in hairspray. The angels made a statement with loose, wavy hair that reflected that “I just woke up like this” look. So put down the curling iron and heavy hair products, and simply apply a styling paste that gently curls your locks more naturally.

Train Insane Or Remain The Same

While most of the world was munching on pizza during the show and feeling bad about themselves, we decided to use the angels’ rockin’ bodies as motivation. We don’t necessarily agree with their philosophy of working out seven days a week, multiple times a day, but we got their point. You have to work if you want to see results. So with that, we are motivated to workout with purpose and a good attitude.

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

Lastly, as Audrey Hepburn famously said, happy girls are the prettiest. At each point of the catwalk, the angels held beaming, genuine smiles. They had fun, and even Selena Gomez said it was like having a dance party with her friends. At the end of the day, makeup and hair (and eyebrows) really don’t matter in comparison to being happy, kind, and confident.

There you have it. Until next year, angels.

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