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Image: Shutterstock/Eugene Partyzan

Well, it’s happening. No matter what your personal and political beliefs are, you have to know that today is a huge day for the United States. Inauguration Day. We did it, we actually elected The Donald. I’m still in shock.

Whether you’re happy or totally distraught about the election results, today is the day that Donald Trump will be inaugurated into office. Stay calm. I have a few ideas for all of us to distract ourselves from what is actually happening and cope with this monumental day. Enjoy.

Go on a Sephora shopping spree

Of all the days to treat yourself, today is that day. Retail therapy has always done wonders for me, and I’m sure you are no exception. Take $50 (at least) and sprint to your nearest Sephora to instantly take some of the pain away. If you’re a woman, you’re probably nasty (according to Trump) so buying a little makeup will definitely make you feel better about the fact that a woman-hater is officially your president. Happy shopping.

(If you’re unfortunate enough to lack a Sephora within driving distance, go to immediately.)

Wear this “nasty woman” t-shirt

Nasty woman t-shirt

Speaking of nasty women, why not declare to the world you are one just as Trump says? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, read this article about how this wonderful idea came to be. Oh, and purchase the t-shirt here.

Buy yourself a bottle of wine (or 6)

Even though technically Trump won’t be officially sworn in until noon, is it ever really too early to start drinking wine? Make sure you’re stocked up on your favorite red blend or moscato if you’re a sweet wine drinker and pop that cork. Trust me, you’ll need it.

See your gyno

Do I need to explain why? If you don’t know, read about why women in particular are fearful for Trump’s presidency regarding women’s rights. Do it now.

Unplug from social media

Periodically unplugging from social media is always a good idea, but today is an especially good time to do it. Honestly, 75% of what will be on the internet will most likely be idiotic and will make you dumber just by reading it. Avoid stunting your mental growth and just avoid social media and any news outlet for the next 24 hours at least. You will thank yourself later.