Close-up portrait of beautiful girl touching black eyeliner to her eyelid. Her eyes are closed
Image: Shutterstock/lena Yakobchuk

Meet your new favorite makeup assistant: tape. You’ll just need the basic clear Scotch variety you’d normally use to wrap presents, so it’s cheap and easy. Tape’s been a huge fad for helping get precise lines in makeup. Even Kylie Jenner’s made it popular through one of her many online makeup tutorials. Below are several ways to make the most of this common household item.

Here are 5 ways to use tape for better makeup.

Getting the perfect liquid liner

The most popular way to use tape is to get precise liquid eyeliner applications. It’s especially helpful when you’re going for a slanted cat eye. Basically you just apply the tape under the outer edge of the eye so it’s slanting upwards toward the outer point of the eyebrow. Then you use the tape as a straight edge while drawing the liquid eyeliner to slant out and up. Make sure the line tapers off as you draw.

Clear lines for perfect eye shadow

Tape can also be used to apply eye shadow. If you want your eye shadow to end at an exact point, apply the tape as you would above. Then apply your eye shadow. Once you peel away the tape, you’ll be left with eye shadow that ends abruptly at a certain line that slants up. This looks great with a cat eye.

Using tape to trim nail wraps

Tired of making guesses while looking at nail wraps? Simply apply tape to each nail and use a permanent marker to draw where the nail ends. Place the tape with the outline on a clear folder. Then hold that over the nail wrap so you can see where to trim it easier.

Tape for perfect lipstick

This method requires quite a bit of tape, but if you’re sick of oddball lip lines, you may want to give it a try. It works very well for liquid lipstick, which is harder to apply precisely. Basically, you place small bits of tape around your lips, outlining them completely. Then you can get as messy as you want, because anytime you paint past your lips you’ll have painted the tape. After you just peel the tape away.

Nail art tape

Another popular trick to use tape for better makeup application is to use it to get geometric designs while painting your nails. Basically, all you have to do is paint a single basecoat. Then, apply the tape over the part of the nail you’d like to keep that color. Apply another coat, and peel away the tape to reveal the color underneath. This works especially well with stripe patterns.