white jeans

Let’s establish one thing: whoever said that we’re not allowed to wear white jeans after labor day was seriously disturbed. Why should we be so restricted?! I understand that white appears more summery and it’s easier to wear it in the warmer months, but white also means winter, right? We need to squash that rule.

Moving on, white jeans can be a staple during the winter months for so many reasons. You can create a monochromatic look effortlessly, and duh, white goes with pretty much everything. Here are our favorite ways to wear white jeans in the fall.

With all grey

Grey and white just go together. What an easy outfit, right?

With brown booties

The contrast between the brown and white will make your shoes pop in the best way. Pair this look with anything nude, and you have a cute fall look.

With a pop of color

Once again, white goes with pretty much everything. Choose a shirt in a bright color, and make the rest of your outfit neutral.

With all white

Monochromatic looks are my absolute favorite way to wear white jeans. If you do it right, your outfit will look clean and beautiful, and you honestly will feel like a fashion blogger. Keep everything white or off-white, and keep your accessories nude or all one type of metal (gold/silver).

With all black

White and black is just a classic look. Why not keep it simple and channel your inner Cruella Deville?