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Image: Shutterstock/SunKids

5 Ways To Winterize Your Look This Season

Holy Polar Vortex! It’s seriously getting frosty outside and many of you would rather be hibernating under a blanket watching Netflix than venturing out into the snow and sleet. But, when you do go into the outside world, make sure you look more like a sleek snow bunny than a dormant bear. Here are five tips to winterize your look this season and look hot when the weather is definitely not.

Skip The Face Powder

When your skin is already dry from the heat blasting indoors and nippy winds, powder can easily sink into fine lines and make them more noticeable. Plus, some of the key ingredients in face powder can zap away even more moisture.

If your skin gets oily without the power of powder, prep your t-zone with a matte primer before adding any other makeup. Soak up shine throughout the day with blotting sheets.

Give Your Lashes Some Love

Your skin isn’t the only thing that suffers from dryness during the winter. To keep your fringes looking full, give them a little extra conditioning. Use a serum that can condition both the eye area and lashes. Then top it off with mascara that contains a built-in conditioner or that’s loaded with hydrating vitamin E.


Who said leggings can’t be pants? From tunics and billowy tees to peek-a-boo fabrics under ripped jeans or shorts, you can go from yoga class to dinner by sporting a killer pair of yoga pants. When trying to pair them, ensure that your top covers your bum and hips. A cute floral sundress can work double time in the winter when matched with solid color leggings. For added warmth, slip a sweater over your summer dress. Or rock your favorite vintage band tee with ripped jeans and textured leggings underneath.

Faux Fur

This season, faux fur (and leather) is everywhere. Lend a touch of ladylike goodness to your outfit by wearing a gorgeous faux fur vest shrugged over your shoulders. Pair a faux fur coat with a sexy cocktail dress for a touch of old Hollywood glam. For the wild ones, throw a faux leather moto jacket over your little black dress or play it down for brunch with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans.

If you only want a hint of fur, go for a faux fur scarf or fur-lined boots. A comfy faux fur lined vest gives you something to snuggle up into during a cold day about town.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is critical for transitioning a wardrobe. Never underestimate the power of a chunky cardigan, knee-high socks over leggings, or a cozy scarf draped over your favorite shirt or dress.