Portrait of young beautiful girl with long messy hair and clean make-up
Image: Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

I’m in the constant pursuit of good eyebrows. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed just how much the shape and color of your eyebrows changes the way you look. When I was younger, I hated how thick and arched my eyebrows were. I would use any chance to shave off the arch and pluck them so they would be smaller.

Big. Mistake.

Every time I look at my eighth grade prom pictures, I can’t help but cringe at how awkward and awful they look! Now that I’m older and have more experience with makeup, I realize that my thicker brows frame my face really well and my arch helps emphasize how big and bright my eyes are. We’ve all made at least one of these eyebrow mistakes when trying to get perfect eyebrows. If any of these sound like your current situation, here’s how to fill in eyebrows the right way.

1. You over-plucked the life out of your eyebrows, and wish you could go back.
Plucking your eyebrows seemed like a good idea at first, until you looked in the mirror and noticed how just how much you plucked. Now, you’re freaking out because they don’t look natural.

How to fix it…
First, take a deep breath and drop your tweezers. Before you do anything else, you have to give your brows a chance to grow back. If you notice that the hairs are taking a long time growing, apply a dab of castor oil every day to encourage growth. A short term solution is to line your brows with a brow powder or eye shadow and fill them in.

2. Speaking of brow fillers, don’t overdo it!
Finding the right color for your brows is crucial. Even though the most obvious choice would be to match your hair color, this will only make your eyebrows stand out in a bad way.

How to fix it…
Always go a shade lighter than your natural hair color so your eyebrows don’t look too dark. I have darker hair so I love using grey eye shadow because it’s subtle and makes my brows look more defined.

3. Stop messing with your natural brow shape.
You’re not completely in love with your natural brows, so you pluck and trim them to match whatever style is currently trending. Please stop doing this! Your natural brow shape already frames your face shape perfectly.

How to fix it…
Before you pick up that tweezer, research eyebrow shapes that flatter your face shape. I have a round face shape, so having a high arch adds more angles and definition to my face.

4. You’re using the wrong brush.
Certain brushes are better for filling in your brows than others, especially if you’re using a cream or powder filler. Remember that your goal is to make your brows look as natural as possible. Using the wrong brush will only make it harder to create natural-looking lines.

How to fix it…
A thin, angled brush is your best friend. The angle makes shaping your brows much easier and prevents awkward lines from appearing as you trace them.

5. Your arch doesn’t match your face.
I believe in the brow arch. But where your arch begins and ends make a HUGE difference.

How to fix it…
Experiment with where you place your arch using eye shadow or brow filler. Once you compare how certain areas compliment your look, then you can make your decision more permanent. If you’re not sure what looks best, you can speak with a brow professional to be safe.

6. Don’t pluck too much from the center. 
In order to avoid a unibrow, you ended up plucking too much hair from the center  and now your brows are spaced far apart.

How to fix it…
A general rule of thumb is that the start of your brows should always be parallel to the bridge of your nose. Keep this rule in mind as your brows grow back.