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Rocking the hot glasses look? Then you’ll need a whole different set of instructions for wearing makeup. Glasses can obscure certain eye makeup trends, and other makeup will need to be adjusted to balance out the visual weight of the glasses. But with the right tips, your whole look will come together around the glasses, rather than feeling like you’re fighting against them.

Go light around your glasses

Nothing’s worse for a look than makeup rubbing off on glasses. Avoid this fashion no-no by making sure to go light on makeup around the glasses area. Wipe off excess foundation in the area much like you’d blot off extra lipstick. Also, avoid foundation where your glasses pads rest. Use a rubbed-in tinted moisturizer there instead.

Smooth & even eyes

Since you’re wearing glasses, those lenses are basically a magnifying glass on your eye area. That means you’ll need to make sure they’re looking natural, or the magnifying quality will make eyes look gaudy. So eye shadow should be light and neutral to not detract from your actual eyes. Also, make sure you put concealer under your eyes to cover dark spots.

Lighter eye makeup shades

With glasses, you already have a ton of visual weight in the eye area. So lighten it up a bit by choosing eyeliners that veer away from black. Good options include sparkling navy, lighter grey or burgundy. These shades look great for special event looks like the smoky eye, which glasses folks can still pull off with these lighter shades.

Careful with mascara

If you have long lashes and love mascara, you’re setting up a possible mess when that mascara hits your glasses. To avoid this, curl your eyelashes up slightly to give more distance between your eyelashes and glasses. Use more mascara at the base, and less at the tip of the lash, as well. And make sure you are using a creamy, waterproof mascara so it doesn’t want to flake off onto your glasses.

Create balance

Don’t neglect your lips. It’s easy to forget, since you’re so focused on getting the eye area perfect. But what really makes glasses look attractive is drawing down some of that visual weight to the lips for a more even appearance. Think bold lip colors, like bright pink or deep red.

Let your glasses guide you

Glasses styles are so different these days it’s hard to say what will work 100% of the time. For instance, if you have thick frames, those can be complemented by thicker, bolder eyeliner. Thin frames could go with thin eyeliner.

The color of your frames could also lend a clue to which eye makeup colors you use. For instance, darker frames generally go with about any color, while multi-colored frames could lend a shade that would make a good eyeliner, like bronze hints in the frame with bronze eyeliner.