Closeup image of closed woman eye with beautiful bright makeup, smoky eyes
Image: Shutterstock/Malyugin

If your daily routine (or struggle) involves trying to find the perfect eyeshadow blend that will make your eyes pop without going overboard, you’re not alone. Walking into Sephora and seeing those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes on display always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Yet, figuring out how to apply them correctly is still intimidating.

Your secret weapon? Matte eyeshadow. Designed to last much longer than your regular palette, it can take your look from bland to sexy in a single swipe. The best part is that its powers aren’t just limited to your face. Whether you’re getting ready for a date or a night out with your friends, these matte eyeshadow hacks will help redefine your look.

Before you pick up that palette, apply primer

There’s nothing worse than getting your eyeshadow blend right on the first try only for it to smudge after a few hours. Applying primer beforehand will help your eyeshadow last longer while also giving it the extra pop it needs.

Prep your lid with an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone

Matte shadows have a more powdery texture than their counterparts. If applied incorrectly, your matte shadow can become patchy and uneven. Using a neutral tone as a base will help your makeup blend more seamlessly and give off a smoother finish.

Tap your brush to get rid of any extra product

More often than not, we layer our brushes with more than we actually need. Keep your eye makeup from creasing and caking by adjusting the amount of eyeshadow you put on. Before you apply, tap off any extra product on the palette or the back of your hand.

Want a bolder finish? Then pat, don’t sweep

The trick to making your pigment more visible is tweaking the way you apply your eyeshadow. Instead of sweeping your chosen color across your lids, try gently tapping it onto the desired area. This will make the color stand out more.

For a smoother blend, create circles using light, medium and dark shades

Perfecting a gradient look is easier than it sounds! Start by applying your matte shades in a circular motion. Remember to always go from lightest to darkest so you can avoid creating harsh lines between each shade.

Highlight your crease for a more defined look.

Make your eyes look more dramatic and sexy by outlining your crease in a darker shade. Make sure to blend in your crease line for a smooth transition.