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By: Holly Lay

Doesn’t everyone under the sun desire to look and feel beautiful? Though there are many ways of defining beauty, the most common description is; the ability to have a beautiful skin that is free from blemishes. Does this mean that if you have blemishes, you should lock yourself indoors up until you have been able to get rid of them? Absolutely not! Thanks to makeup, you can easily conceal those blemishes, no matter how bad they may be. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Flattening:

While some blemishes may be old – such as spots left after the skin has healed, others may still be fresh – as a result of a new pimple. In case of the latter, it’s probable that the blemish will be accompanied by swelling. Whenever this is case, start by reducing/flattening the inflammation. This can be done by applying ice cold tea bags or ice cubes on the inflammation for a couple of minutes. Doing this will not only make the inflammation less obvious but will also allow makeup to go on more smoothly on to the skin hence, concealing both the blemish and the inflammation.

2. Use Layers:

Layers are yet another excellent way of toning down blemishes. For instance, if you have a red blemish, start by using an oil-free yellow corrector as the base followed by foundation over the affected area. Then, apply concealer directly over the blemish before finishing with powder all over the face to give you a final look. Always make sure that the powder matches the color of your skin. That way, you’ll end up having a more natural look rather than an artificially ‘caked-up’ look.

3. Create Distraction:

No matter how hard you may try to make people focus on your good side rather than your flaws, many a times, the opposite always happens. However, you can easily draw attention away from the blemish by emphasizing on your other features. For instance, if you have a blemish on your cheek, apply makeup that will enhance your other facial features such as your eyes and lips.

4. Lighten up the Blemish:

To make the blemishes appear less pronounced, use either a highlighting cream or pencil to lighten the blemishes’ shade. After it has dried, apply a thick concealer over the blemish to enable it blend in with the rest of the skin. Make sure that the concealer being used is the same shade as the rest of your skin.

5. Flaunt It:

At times, if the blemish isn’t that big and covers a small area of your skin, you may use an eye pencil to enhance it. Once you have enhanced it, it will end up looking more like a beauty mark and well, everyone loves beauty marks.

6. Use Tinted Moisturizer:

If there isn’t much that needs to be concealed, using a tinted moisturizer could be enough for the job. Thus, you won’t have to use layers of makeup that may be too heavy for your skin.

These quick ways to conceal blemishes shouldn’t be perceived as options to hide your true identity but, should be perceived as solutions that help in enhancing your true beauty. Therefore, to make sure that your beauty is always enhanced, develop a habit of carrying your makeup with you so as to touch up whenever necessary.