weekend wardrobe

When it comes to picking out outfits for the weekend, sometimes one great piece is all you need. We scoured Instagram and Pinterest for the best pieces everyone is wearing right now. What are you wearing this weekend?

All black

Summer isn’t over yet.. but who says we still can’t wear all black? Honestly, when in doubt, black is always the color to go for. Plus, the outfit above is so simple – romper, hat, booties. Cute and casual.

Flowy sleeved crop top

No matter what else you’re wearing, a top like this will make you feel cute. It’s perfect to pair with anything high waisted, and it’s just fun.

Striped denim

The subtle detail of vertical stripes along jeans makes for a cute switch up on your casual outfits. Dress them up or down, either way they’re cute.

Wrap dress

wrap dress
Image: Pinterest

A wrap dress is appropriate for any occasion. Not only are they comfortable, they can be styled as casual as you want them to be.

Nike cropped crewneck

I’m a huge fan of crewnecks in general, but for some reason when they’re cropped, they’re so much cuter. They make for the ultimate lounging around outfit, or errand running outfit. You can’t go wrong.

Polka dots

Who says polka dots have to be for little girls? When done right, they can be simple and cute, and add just the right pattern to your outfit.