Beautiful young woman with fruit mask on a face
Image: Shutterstock/Piotr Marcinski

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Korean Multiple Face Masks

Here’s a beauty trend that has taken Pinterest by storm: Korean multiple face masks. If you’ve ever seen anyone with what looks like a clown face of multicolored mush on their skin, you’re probably looking at a Korean multiple face mask.

Multiple masks, or “multi-masking,” is what it sounds like—putting different masks on certain parts of the face. That will address different issues with different parts of the skin. Makes sense, and kind of makes you wonder why we haven’t started doing it sooner. It’s especially necessary for us “combination skin” types, with oiliness restricted to certain zones.

Even better, over in Korea, masks like this are used as part of the basic beauty routine to keep skin looking its best, rather than something you slather on to try to rid your face of a sudden breakout or to fix wrinkles. Again, makes you wonder why this isn’t more commonplace.

If you’d like to jump on this very worthy bandwagon, below are some must-know pointers.

Seaweed Is A Big Deal

Seaweed facials are a huge part of the Korean multi-mask. Seaweed is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Basically, you just apply rehydrated seaweed where your skin could most use nourishment lately.

Make Use Of Moisture Masks

Moisture masks are essential for those driest parts of your skin. For an easy product to use, find Point Packs, which are little moisture-delivering circle masks.

Remember The Under-Eye

One of the biggest points of the multi-mask is making sure the under-eye area is well hydrated. That will fight off bags, dark areas and lines. Any quality under-eye hydrogel product should work.

Pore Minimizer For The Nose

Something about the nose really makes it a breeding ground for monster pores. While you’re hydrating and nourishing the other parts of your face, a charcoal pore-minimizing mask on your nose might be just what the doctor ordered.

Try Korean Sheet Masks

A favorite part of the Korean multi-mask technique is the apt Korean sheet masks. These products are paper strips that sit on your skin delivering the “good stuff,” like collagen. There are different sheet masks for any purpose.

Customization Is Key

Because we all have such different skin, and your needs may vary, find the products that feel right for different areas of your face. For instance, a popular Korean beauty hack is to add a preferred facial oil to a favorite heavy-duty facial moisturizer. Play around, have fun and do what your skin wants naturally.

Leave the treatments on for as long as each one requires, though if nothing is listed, the average time for face masks is about 10-15 minutes.