Closeup of the face belong to beautiful young sexy blonde girl with curly hair pure snow white skin and bright makeup red lips, red lipstick, long earrings in dark shadows of palm leaves
Image: Shutterstock/indira’s work

6 Ways To Pull Off Red Lips For Valentine’s Day

Red lips are like the little black dress of your beauty routine—fun, fearless and innately feminine. In fact, red lipstick is so classic that it dates back to the Mesopotamian times of ancient Egypt when women would adorn their pouts with semi-precious stones.

All that effort makes sense when you consider the facts. Lips are one of your body’s most exposed erogenous zones, and the softest brush is enough to send a guy head over heels.

Like your favorite push-up bra, red lipstick only serves to enhance your natural beauty. Yet, it takes Cleopatra confidence (and a steady hand) to pull them off. Here, we’ll share six tips on pulling off red lipstick.

Face Value

Looking fab in red lipstick is partially about getting the rest of your makeup perfectly poised. You want your skin even and matte, so be sure to apply a light powder foundation to reduce the risk of greasiness and cover any face-demons (AKA pimples) that may be lurking just below the surface.

Easy Creamy

To take your lips to the next level, play your pout up with a cream lipstick. It’s the perfect medium between matte and full-on gloss. The even concoction features a butter-smooth application and gel-like consistency, and hydrates your lips to the fullest.

Blush Done Right

Your red lips should be the dominant feature of your face. Don’t try to match your cheeks with your lips. You’ll come off looking like a sad clown (which is definitely not sexy). Rather, go for a bronzer instead of rouge and apply sparingly.

Hollywood Glam

To capture the timeless, old Hollywood style, line your lips with a pencil that seamlessly matches the color of choice. Next, apply a red lipstick with a lip brush for enhanced precision. To keep the edges clean, wipe with a Q-tip and then apply light-reflecting concealer using a brush onto your Cupid’s bow, blending outward.

Pinup Perfection

Nothing beats the one-two punch of red lips and cat eyes. Brush a thick line of black eyeliner over your upper lids, winging out the tips. Then brush on a coat of matte red lipstick for the ultra-Vargas girl look.

Match Made In Heaven

One of the most important methods of pulling off red lips is to find the right shade for your complexion. Strip your lips of any color and apply a red lipstick to your top lip only, checking out the color contrast against your natural bottom shade. If the shade is one or two shades darker, you’ve found the most flattering color for you!