Image: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

It’s no secret that some of your go-to makeup products are actually bad for your skin. Your skin faces different toxins every day from the minute you walk out of your door – and wearing makeup that is packed with toxic chemicals makes it worse.

In recent years, natural skincare products have become more popular since they promote healthy skin without the scary side effects. But there are many beauty products on the market that claim to be organic, only to list off a bunch of hard to pronounce ingredients. This makes it so much harder to know exactly what you’re putting on your body.

Luckily, these tried-and-tested natural skincare brands are actually organic and cruelty-free. Your skin is your biggest and most sensitive organ, which is why you should spend more time taking care of it.

100% Pure


100% Pure is an all-natural, vegan cosmetic line that is packed with beauty benefits. All of their products contain antioxidants and essential oils, which work together to give your skin that healthy glow and feel. They even have a fruit dyed makeup line that is made from real fruit pigments! The packaging is also eco-friendly, which is a major bonus.

Tata Harper Skincare


Although Tata Harper Skincare is a bit of a splurge, it is one of the most well known organic skincare lines for a reason. Their clarifying mask is perfect for those of us who have uneven, acne-prone skin. They also have aromatherapy products that promote wellness.

Au Naturale


This vegan brand is known for its paraben, sulfate and gluten free products. Those factors alone make it a great line for women with different skin issues. I’m a big fan of their lip stain line because it’s super bright and lasts long. They also have a recycling program where you can earn credit for sending the empty makeup tubes back.

Herbivore Botanicals

Rose hibiscus hydrating spray

Herbivore Botanicals has a wide variety of GMO free facial oils, mists and exfoliating masks that are gentle on your skin. They also come in really cute packaging! If you are a fan of charcoal products, keep their bamboo charcoal cleansing bar on your radar.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Infused Mineral Foundation

Afterglow Cosmetics is a fair trade company, and was the first makeup line to go gluten-free. Their products are packed with minerals and don’t contain any soy, which can be very harmful for your skin. Some of their products are vegan, although there are a few that contain animal derived ingredients.

Vapour Organic Beauty

Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector

All of the ingredients found in this line are natural, paraben and phthalate free and minimally processed. The coolest thing about their products is that they can be used in more than one way. Their skin perfector works as a moisturizer, primer and foundation all in one.

Beauty By Earth


Beauty By Earth lives up to its catchy name. All of their products are vegan and don’t contain any additives. Because I have sensitive skin, I always break out whenever I try any sunscreen that isn’t organic. Their mineral sunscreen is the first one that I didn’t have an allergic reaction to, which counts as a win!