Happy surprised woman hold colorful sponge for applying foundation for make-up on face skin cares on blue mint background
Image: Shutterstock/Dmitry Lobanov

Let’s face it. Beauty products are expensive, and so are the tools you need to apply them. When you are spending a small fortune on something to add to your makeup bag, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. With that in mind, here we will cover seven ways you can get the most out of your beauty sponge.

Applying Concealer

Concealer is probably one of your best friends if you’re like most women. For it to be effective, it has to be applied properly and evenly. A sponge is designed in a way to ensure you get the makeup where it needs to go.

Blending and Applying Eye Shadow

Do you have a drawer full of eye shadow brushes but you aren’t quite sure which ones work best for what purpose? Instead of wasting time with those, complete the entire eye look with one beauty sponge. Sponges work awesome for both cream and powder finishes. You can even do your blending without picking up another tool. Who doesn’t love efficiency?

Applying Primer

Primer is the foundation for your entire look. Using a sponge, you can get a better coverage and fill the pores for a smoother finish.

Applying Foundation

Foundation is the main reason for the sponge, but you probably always thought it only worked for the liquid types. It can actually work well for applying powder foundations to your face too. Just dip it in, knock off the extra, and start dabbing away.

Lip Balm Application

Lip glosses, balms, and other liquid lip products can get messy when it comes time to put them on. Often, if you use the stick they give you, the color gets too heavy and it weighs down the look. A beauty sponge can be used to evenly apply just a hint of color. You can also try out some pretty neat ombre looks. Start with a lip liner and then dab in your favorite shade to fill out the rest.

Applying Moisturizer

Usually you just stick your hand in your moisturizing cream and slather it on your face. Then you have to wash your hands off. Instead, dip your sponge in there and apply it. You can also make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies that way.


You know that today’s look is all about contouring. You have to put certain lines of color in certain spots and then blend, blend, blend. You can use one side of your beauty sponge to carefully apply the lines in the right places. Then, flip the sponge over and use the other side to balance everything out giving you the perfect look.

If you are on the fence when it comes to getting a better-quality sponge because of the cost, don’t hesitate any longer. You can go ahead and splurge knowing you can use it in so many different ways.