The countdown to the new year begins. Your glam outfit has already been picked out and your holiday playlist is blasting in the background. Now, the last thing you need to cross off of your holiday to-do list is a festive mani-pedi. Finding the right nail art that is eye-catching without being too flashy, and can be worn after the holidays are over is frustrating.

We’ve got you covered! Ring in the new year with these sparkling designs.

1. Black and Gold Glitter Nail Art

You can’t celebrate the new year without this classic nail art. The black and gold color scheme looks great on all skin tones and will take your look to the next level. The best part about this mani-pedi is that it is very versatile and can be worn on any occasion.

2. Peppermint Gradient Nail Art

It’s time to get a little more creative. This nail art is simple to follow and can be done in under five minutes!

3. Snowflakes Nail Art

If you’re looking for a design that is more low-key, this winter-themed nail art is right up your alley. Use a thin brush to draw the snowflakes (OR leave it to the professionals like I do). This color palette is simple enough to match any glam outfit!

4. Geometric Nail Art

Matte is the new black. This nail art seems complex at first, but is actually easy to pull off! It’s Important to mark where you want to draw your lines. I use a thin strip of tape to mark them and then trace them.

5. Confetti Nail Art

Get the party started on your nails with this fun confetti nail art! Pair this with a dress that sparkles as much as your nails do or use it to dress up your favorite shirt. There are nail polishes that come with confetti in them, which will cut those 15 minutes you have left to get ready in half.

6. Metallic Stripes Nail Art

Image: Pinterest

This neon stripes design is the perfect way to start your year. Metallic nail polish instantly brings your look to the next level. You can tweak it by rocking stripes in one color, or change the base color for a brighter look. I’m going to switch the black base for red and decorate my nails with gold stripes.

7. Fireworks Nail Art

Image: Pinterest

You deserve a mani-pedi that is as bright as your persnality. First, layer your nails with two coats of black nail polish. Next, use a thin nail art brush to draw diagonal lines. Once your nails are dry, layer them with either confetti or glitter nail polish. It doesn’t have to be an even coat; in fact, the more random it is, the better!