The foods that you put into your body do more than just nourish and make you feel less hungry. The way you look is actually dependent on what kind of food you are consuming. If you eat extremely unhealthy frequently, chances are your skin is going to show it. Here are some of the top foods that are ruining your skin you should stay away from if you want to have happy and healthy skin.



Milk often contains growth hormones and pesticides from the production process, which is bad news for your skin and may cause acne. While it doesn’t have a huge impact, drinking lots of milk every day could increase your chances of getting or unfortunately maintaining acne.


white sugar in wood spoon on wood table
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Eating a diet that is high in sugar is not good for any part of your body. But for the skin, as the sugars are processed through your body, they can damage anti-aging components in your skin such as collagen. If these tissues are damaged, you are more susceptible to developing wrinkles faster.

Juice and soda


It’s no secret that almost all juices and sodas contain an outrageous amount of sugar. But actually the lack of fiber is the biggest problem these beverages cause for your skin. Without a proper amount of fiber, your body has blood sugar spikes that may cause premature aging of your skin and more wrinkles.



The fats found in margarine (trans fats) are the opposite kind your skin needs. Trans fats suck the moisture out of your skin again causing wrinkles. Yay.



How can something so delicious and essential be bad for your skin?! Unfortunately, the high caffeine content found in coffee dehydrates your skin a ton. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, make sure to moisturize properly each day to ensure you don’t end up with annoying dry patches.


cheers alcohol

This one’s a no brainer. Alcohol is pretty much poison for your body, so it’s no surprise that it also sucks moisture out of your skin. Try to avoid eating salty snacks while drinking to prevent further dehydration, and also drink more water per glass of alcohol you consume.

Red meat

red meat

If you enjoy a nice juicy steak often, consider cutting back. Consuming lot of red meat per week has been found to harden blood vessel walls because of a compound called carnitine, which forces skin to mature early. Opt for chicken as a better option to save your skin.