woman with pink purse and off-white trench coat

One can never predict what kind of beauty dilemma could happen during the day, especially between the busy work week and spontaneous weekend activities. Always be prepared for any mishap with these seven purse essentials. For ease of moving from place to another, we never want your purse to be cluttered with more than you need, which is why these must-have products are minimal but effectively cover a multitude of needs.

Lip Balm

If you want irresistibly soft lips 24/7, then you need to start applying lip balm regularly. Make it a part of your weekly routine by applying balm on your way to work, after lunch, and on your way home. Many lip balms will also provide sun protection to keep your lips younger and healthier. Lip balm acts as a smooth base layer for better-looking lipstick.


Concealer is nonnegotiable. If you can feel yourself getting sleepy in the afternoon, use concealer under your eyes and above your cheekbones to instantly brighten your face so you’ll at least look wide awake. If you don’t have eye shadow on, apply it on top of your eyelids to open up your eyes. Concealer is also a quick fix for sudden pimples or blemishes.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands germ-free with a little hand sanitizer here and there. Using hand sanitizer is a good habit to get into in order to prevent colds or the flu. We recommend EO’s Organic Lavender Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray for its ease of use and therapeutic scent.


Every girl needs to keep her favorite lipstick handy! No matter how much preparation we do to make our lipstick last all day, it’s still a good idea to have your lipstick available for re-application. Before heading back into the office after work, or before walking into a party, make sure you reapply your lip color for a super fresh look.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is one of the first things to wear off throughout the day. Always apply concealer before using eye shadow for longer-lasting makeup. Keep a small container of eye shadow in your purse to quickly re-apply when necessary for flawless eyes all-day-long.

Face Mist

A face mist like Evian’s Mineral Water Spray eliminates perspiration, harmful salt, and chlorine while rehydrating your skin. The spray will also revive your makeup. Use mid-afternoon and before you go out for any evening events where you’ll need a quick pick-me-up.

Hair Serum

To keep your hair soft, shiny, and bright from morning to night, you’ll only need a small bottle of hair serum. Use on the ends of your hair to reduce the appearance of split ends, while healing your hair from breakage. The instant shine will give your hair just the boost you need mid-day. Run the serum through your ends with your fingers to separate the strands of hair for a fresher look.