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When it comes to spring cleaning we usually think of purging our closets and deep cleaning our homes. This can be fun for an hour or two, but decluttering the home without having new things to get excited about can be draining. Don’t dig yourself into the spring cleaning hole this year. Instead, use these 7 new products you need for spring to inspire you to crowd out the junk and fill your beauty cabinet with fun and fresh new products! Nothing inspires us to clean more than the idea of making room for something new and glossy.

Here are 7 new products you need for spring!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Organic Coconut Intense Moisture Kit


The 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash has a SUPER strong delicious smell that stays on your skin after the shower. It’s the type of product you could travel with and use as shampoo and body wash. Besides, who doesn’t love the tropical aroma of coconut? Breathe in the delicious scent of the beach and get ready for summer just around the corner!

Profusion Cosmetics

This brand is ideal for those of you who are on a budget and are looking for some bang for your buck. Plus, it’s sold at Target!

Blush Palette

profusion blush palette
Image: Profusion Cosmetics

This blush palette is actually SO good, has every color you could need and they’re VERY pigmented. Alive and Lush are great bronze-inspired hues, and the pink hues will pair perfectly with all of your rose print spring dresses and pastel accessories.

Pro Conceal & Contour | Professional Beauty Book

profusion professional beauty book
Image: Profusion Cosmetics

I am shocked at my love affair with this product. The highlighters are not glittery at all, and they can be built up. The bronzers are beautiful, and the color correcting concealer shades really cancel out the bags under my eyes. I dare you to pry this kit from my hands…

The Artistry Pallette – Naturals

The Artistry Pallette - Naturals
Image: Profusion Cosmetics

This is a versatile palette and perfect for someone who is on a budget. If you’re interested in playing around with your look, get started with this palette to find out what shades look best on your skin. There are so many great spring colors in this palette, including soft neutrals, blush pinks, corals, and even navy hues—which yes, is a fabulous spring color!

STELLAR cosmetics 

Face Sculptor Contour and Highlighting Palette

Face Sculptor Contour and Highlighting Palette
Image: Sephora

Listen, ladies! This is so wonderfully buttery! This palette has an amazing quality, and the pinky highlight shade will work beautifully for deeper skin tones. The palette simplifies contouring, making it an easy-to-use palette—perfect for all of your spring events!

STELLAR Cosmic Blush

STELLAR Cosmic Blush
Image: Sephora

This blush is incredibly buttery and shimmery and beautiful. The blush would look amazing with a tan, but could also work on lighter skin tones with a light hand. It’s one of our favorites.

oVertone Healthy Color

oVertone creates a healthy hair color product in a bottle that you can use as a mask, or you can use it to maintain color with the rich and delicious daily conditioner. Going for a bold color this spring? Now is the season! Protect your natural color and your hair’s integrity with this trusted brand (it smells amazing too).