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Affirmations are short, concise, positive statements that you can repeat to yourself every so often in order to refocus your brain. Affirmations can help you in your love life, professional life, family life, and beyond! Here’s a collection of 7 phrases to get you motivated and confident in no time.

I am never alone.

It may sound simple, but we live in an increasingly isolating world in which people often feel disconnected from their loved ones. When we’re feeling lonely and insecure, sometimes we need a reminder that we’re loved and remembered—and when our loved ones are far away, sometimes we need to be the ones to remind ourselves! Repeating this affirmation will help you to fight through the loneliness by remembering the people who care about you, no matter how far away they may be.

I deserve to be happy, whatever that means for me.

Repeat this affirmation to yourself if you’re going through a breakup, changing careers, or making another big life move that people in your life may not get. People often make the mistake of basing their decisions on what other people want them to do—like staying in a relationship that doesn’t work for them anymore, out of fear of hurting their partner. This affirmation will help you to remember that your needs are important, even if they clash with what other people want.

I am worth waiting for.

This is an affirmation for people who are dealing with breakups or are feeling stuck in their search for a romantic partner. Especially in our dating-app oriented society, it can be tempting to let just anyone into your life instead of waiting for the right person. This affirmation will remind you that it’s okay to wait until a partner who truly fulfills you comes along—because you’re worth it—and that the right person will be waiting for you, too.

I am an important part of my community.

Especially in competitive communities, it can be easy to get caught up in everyone else’s accomplishments and forget about the unique ways in which you shine. By refocusing on your own value and remembering your strengths, you can encourage yourself to use them in positive ways. This affirmation also reminds you that you’re a part of a larger whole, and that you have an important place in your community.

My voice deserves to be heard.

Like the affirmation above, this phrase will remind you of your own value when you’re feeling stifled by other, louder voices. It can be difficult to stand up for yourself when you’ve gotten out of the habit, but you can use this positive affirmation to remind yourself that you have a voice worth listening to

My presence fills others with joy.

When we’re experiencing dark times, we can be tempted to withdraw from others because we’re afraid of bringing down their moods. This turns into a vicious cycle, because withdrawing from others makes us feel even worse. This affirmation will remind you that your presence can bring a brightness to others’ lives, restoring you with the confidence and positivity that you need in order to put yourself out there.