Young woman covering her eyes with her hand. On a gray background.
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Juggling your demanding work schedule and personal life sometimes feels like a full-time job. Even though you’ve been doing the balancing act for years, you still can’t help wanting the world to stop moving for just five seconds. It doesn’t matter how old you are. When you’re constantly stressed out about one thing or another, it eventually hits you hard. But what you may not realize is that stress can hit your skin even harder.

Your breakouts aren’t limited to just your face.

You are no stranger to stress. Lately, you’ve noticed a pattern when it comes to those stubborn pimples on your forehead and chin. Stress increases the amount of oil your body produces, which can clog your pores. It doesn’t help that you can break out on any part of your body.

Your skin is super dry and flaky.

Holding onto your morning cup of Joe like a lifeline is the only way you can get through the day. But even though drinking coffee (or soda) makes you feel good in the moment, it’s loaded with a large amount of caffeine or sugar, which dehydrates your body. Skin care begins on the inside. Your body needs sufficient water in order to function properly and keep your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

Your skin is dull and lackluster.

As if you needed one more reason to boost your water intake! The best way to get glowing, radiant skin is to use a hydrating moisturizer right after you hop out of the shower.

You have mild to severe bags under your eye.

You haven’t been able to sleep soundly in a long time, which is causing your eyes to look puffy when you wake up. Avoid this by freezing tea bags or a teaspoon before placing them over your eyes. This will help to quickly get rid of the swollen look.

You have a stubborn rash that won’t go away.

If you’re like me, you break out at the most inconvenient moments, which makes you stress out even more. There’s nothing worse than getting a rash in a place that is hard to conceal. This happens when your body is thrown out of whack by an imbalance in the amount of good and bad bacteria being produced. Pay attention to any changes in your rash and see a doctor right away when necessary.

Your wrinkles age you.

Have you noticed that you have more lines on your face than usual? Living in a constant state of stress or anxiety forces your body to produce a stress hormone called cortisol. This stops your skin from repairing itself and reduces elasticity. Remember that our skin grows new skin cells daily, which means that this buildup will accelerate the aging process and make you look much older.

You have a bad habit of picking at your skin.

Our nervous habits can sometimes end up hurting our health. Doing something as simple as picking at your skin or popping a pimple can cause scars to form on your face. The worst part is that these scars can easily become infected if you constantly touch your face.