7 Spring Fashion Trends Worth Skipping

A problem for many women is that they attempt to take looks from the runway to every day, and realize that they just don’t translate. Here are seven spring fashion trends that you can skip this spring…and every season.

Metallic Space-Like Silhouettes

Edgy, futuristic, metallic looks and space-like shapes have made a splash on the runway. But, for everyday life, you should probably skip these Jetsons-like outfits until Halloween.

Lacy Slips With Boots

Boudoir looks paired with boots were all the rage at Fashion Week this year. Sleek pajama outfits were seen at shows for the Calvin Klein Collection and Alexander Wang. Slips, nightgowns and combat boots were seen at Celine. But, it may be a bit much to go out looking like you’re ready for a battle in your barely there pajamas.

Mismatched Earrings

Chunky, distinctive ear lobe art caused a stir in fashion this month. Mismatched earrings were also popular. If you want to try some trendier and edgier looks, then give it a try. But, for your general street style or job interviews, you may want to stick to two earrings that look the same.

White On White

Though it makes for a pristine and stunning aesthetic on a runway, white-on-white is hard to pull off otherwise. Plus it’s not very realistic for real life where you eat three times per day and come into contact with dirt. White can be a formula for disaster for the work week or while running errands. It is not, in short, all that practical.

Leather Shorts

Leather embellishments for spring and summer clothing are hot on the runways. The tough and modern look is awesome on the catwalk, but leather hot pants are a bit much for the average Monday. If you must get a pair of these shorts, be sure only to wear them to appropriate places—such as night clubs or out dancing. They are not so appropriate for walking the dog.

Denim Overalls

Denim overalls are fun and an interesting look for models at the shows. But, a jean sack is hardly ever flattering to a woman’s figure. In addition, it gives you a less than feminine, but also not tomboyish, look. It’s masculine but in a very UN-sexy way.


Batwing tops are very popular these days. Women even wore them as sweaters over the course of the cooler months. But, these styles instantly add ten pounds to the upper body.   No favors are done for flattering the figure, at all. If you really feel the need to give this look a shot, then shop for a piece with shape somewhere in the garment that will cling to curves and remind everyone that there is a woman’s body under there.

It’s sometimes hard to stay stylish and “on trend” without looking a bit silly and over the top. Unless you are a supermodel living in NYC, you’ll probably get some weird looks at the grocery store for wearing a metallic ensemble or lingerie with combat boots. Instead, think of these spring fashion trends as inspiration, and choose what you adopt selectively!