There are many different names for Crows Feet – “laugh lines” being one of them. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is they are not as fun as their nickname implies. There are many ways to tone down your crow’s feet, yet they are mostly inevitable in the aging process. This is because our skin loses elasticity as it ages, causing it to droop. The term “laugh lines” directly comes from the cause of most crow’s feet – laughing. Yes, we are punished even for our laughter, smiles, and expressions. There are, however, many ways to fight this. Luckily for us, there are a few proven natural remedies that help prevent crows feet and restore your skin.

Vitamin E

When natural remedies to crow’s feet are discussed, there is usually one thing found in common between the many formulas. It’s Vitamin E! This is the most well-known vitamin that promotes healthy skin with its antioxidant properties. You can purchase vitamin e over the counter at almost all stores where supplements or beauty products are sold. While some eye serums that contain vitamin e are not completely natural, there will be a wide variety to choose from. This is an effective home remedy that has proven results, albeit in a long time-frame of routinely using it.


Let’s start with the obvious – use sunscreen! While there are countless reasons to use sunscreen when going out into the sun for hours at a time, one of the biggest is what it does to damage/age your skin. UV light is well known to damage skin and help develop, just by the simple act of remembering to apply sunscreen you can block out one of the biggest natural culprits. There are even sunscreens on the market that are specifically designed to double as moisturizers.

Beauty Creams

Another big factor in the aging of skin is its loss of moisture. Dry skin can lead to harsh lines around your eyes, and other areas exercised when talking, laughing, emoting, or living, etc. This can be helped by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water but is even more affected by creams. Many are over the counter and easy to find but the tricky part is the selection. Read reviews online of the best products for your particular skin type so you know you’re getting the benefits you want. There are even prescription products for when the others just don’t seem to do the trick. (Find our favorite night cream here).


This is one of the most famous facial skin procedures to relax the muscles of your face so they literally cannot contract. This can improve the appearance of crow’s feet after a couple weeks from first receiving treatment. Most Botox procedures are safe with a small margin of error, but they are very pricey and do not last prolonged amounts of time.

Face Yoga

This new trend is a style of yoga that focuses specifically on the muscles in your face. Just like regular yoga it is known for tightening and toning your bodily features. Face yoga may do the same to the lines on your face by taking a small amount of time to do a few simple facial exercises.