No one is immune to bloating. This is especially true before and during a visit from Aunt Flo. You spend most days wondering “How did my belly grow two sizes bigger overnight? Why does everything fit weird?”. You’ve tried so many internet hacks and remedies to get rid of bloating and nothing works.

Feeling bloated and gassy all of the time can be a real confidence killer. It’s so hard to go shopping  and find the perfect outfit in general, let alone when your body is freaking out on you. Before we tell you how to stop bloating, we have some bad news on why you’re feeling gassy in the first place: Your eating habits may be the reason you’re so uncomfortable.

When you’ve only had three hours of sleep or are rushing to the office, Starbucks is a lifesaver. But your favorite frothy, caffeinated drink is making it harder for you to fit in those new pair of jeans. There are many chemicals in our food that cause gas and water buildup, all of which lead to belly bloat.

The best way to get rid of bloating is to live a healthier lifestyle. That doesn’t have to be a complete change to your daily routine. Adding a few things from the list below into your routine will make a huge difference. Here’s how you can stop bloating and keep your closet in tact.

1. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink every day by at least one cup.

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Drinking coffee is one of the biggest culprits for bloat. It’s extremely acidic and can lead to gastritis or inflammation of your stomach lining. Reducing the coffee cups you accumulate throughout the day will cut down your chances of becoming bloated.

2. Minimize the carbs you’re eating.

Carbs are known to retain water, which has a butterfly effect on your body. Eat less carb-rich foods such as rice and bread for immediate results.

3. Keep a food diary you so you can figure out which foods are the biggest offenders.

This is a great way to make sure you avoid the foods and drinks that make you feel very gassy. If you’re a stronger person, you can use this food diary to help you get rid of the foods that cause the most bloating completely.

4. Incorporate dairy alternatives into your diet.

The lactose in milk increases your water weight because it pulls water into your gut. Luckily, there are many dairy alternatives that taste just as great as the real thing and are healthier. However, you need to be careful of dairy alternatives that contain carrageenan, a food additive and thickener that increases inflammation.

5. Eat more foods with healthy fats and bacteria.

Adding healthy fat-rich foods such as avocado and nuts to your diet will reduce inflammation, and antimicrobial foods such as coconut oil, onions, and raw garlic will help destroy bad bacteria buildup in your gut.

6. Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day to combat indigestion.

An apple a day isn’t the only way to keep the doctor away. Apple cider vinegar helps your body produce more digestive enzymes, and it also reduces the amount of gas in your stomach.

7. Cut out soda from your diet.

There are so many benefits to cutting out soda from your diet. The sugar in your drink causes breakouts, and the bubbles will increase that bloating feeling tenfold.