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Perfect for Halloween or themed parties, these costume makeup beauty hacks will come in handy. Just by using everyday materials and tools and you can find around the house, these eight simple hacks can help you create looks from scary zombie victims to your favorite movie character. Here are our best beauty hacks for mastering Halloween costume makeup!

Make a 3D Wound

It’s easy to create a realistic wound by using glue. Mold it in the shape you want with your fingers. Put some water on your hands so it’s easy to handle then place it where you want it to be. Allow the glue to air-dry or use a blow dryer before using makeup to cover it up.


Use a brown brow liner or lip pencil to mark freckles on your face. Make sure they vary in size so that the result is more realistic.

Gap Tooth

First, rub the surface of your teeth with alcohol to clean them, then suck air in to dry it. Use a waterproof eyeliner or pencil to color in the gap.

Remove Eyebrows

Use rubbing alcohol to clean off excess oil from your forehead and brows. Then, cover your brows completely with a glue stick, swiping in the direction of your hair growth. Press on loose powder using a cotton ball. Use a fluffy makeup brush to dust off any excess powder. Use foundation to cover the powder, and finally set the look using loose powder.

Maleficent Cheek Bones

Using a dark brown, oil-based color, apply paint to your forehead, your jaw, and on the sides of your nose, just like how you would contour your face. Use a sponge to blend it in and set the look with powder. To make the look more intense, use dark powder on the dark brown paint and white eyeshadow on the areas that are highlighted.

3D Veins

Using Duo Lash glue, place it in the way you want your veins to appear. Then, place yarn on top of it and trim the ends. You can also paint on veins alongside the 3D veins using black eyeliner. Keep it thicker at the top and let it taper towards the ends.

Monster Skin

Dab a thin layer of liquid latex on your skin using a makeup sponge. Then, put a piece of toilet paper on the latex, and sponge on more liquid latex. Manipulate the toilet paper around to create textures and wrinkles. Wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry before applying foundation and makeup over it.

Fake Blood

Typical ingredients include corn syrup, red food coloring, dish detergent and water for a more realistic look. Adding chocolate syrup can help it to appear thicker and darker. Apply it with a spray bottle, or even a super soaker gun or paint brush. Most people know corn syrup and red food coloring make a good base for fake blood.

Combine these makeup hacks to create a costume makeup look that will wow your friends—and make them think you have a professional makeup artist working for you! Happy Halloween!