Beautiful girl in a red hat smiling at the summer waterfront
Image: Shutterstock/Mizin Roman

Let’s be honest, there is really nothing as frustrating as looking into a mirror in the middle of the day only to realize your makeup has been smudged and melted.

Don’t even get me started on the eyeshadows. While you might be walking around thinking you have the most kickass eye makeup, the heat might have turned it into panda eyes.

Add humidity to the whole mix and you’ve got yourself a shine bomb on the forehead.

While you might think the only solution is to stay indoors, I’ve got some amazing ways to beat the brutal heat and keep your makeup in place.

Cleansing and Icing

If you have extremely oily skin that starts accumulating oils as soon as you get out of the shower, you need to make sure your face is squeaky clean before you put on any makeup.

Start by cleansing your face with a good cleanser, and then rub ice cubes on it for about thirty seconds. Instead of wiping it off, let the water dry off on its own.

Now, apply an oil-free moisturizer, with good SPF, and let it sit in for two minutes before you put anything else.

Use minimal makeup

It’s a very simple idea—the less you put on, the less you have to worry about. Skip that extra coat of foundation and eye shadow, instead, go for a clean and fresh, natural look.

Instead of heavy foundations, you could choose a good coverage tinted moisturizer and play around with fun-colored eye liners.

Switch lipsticks for lip gloss

While our love for matte lipsticks might never go away, we can all agree that they can feel a bit heavy—and difficult to maintain in the hot and dry weather. Instead of risking crack lines or bleeding color, it’s better to switch lipsticks for lip gloss. After all, lip glosses are hydrated, lighter and easier to reapply.

Always use a Primer

Before applying any makeup, use a small layer of primer. Why? Because just like your manicure wouldn’t look as good without a base coat, your makeup wouldn’t look as set and finished without a primer.

With a good primer, your imperfections are blurred, pores don’t look so evident, and your makeup will last longer.

Oil-free foundations are the way to go

Replace your usual heavy foundation with a lightweight oil-free foundation. Because, no matter how good coverage a foundation gives, if it starts looking cakey or heavy, it’s really of no use in summer.

Also, while using foundation, make sure you’re applying thin layers to avoid melting.

Make compact your best friend

Compact powder can make or break your look. While a good compact powder could give you the much needed oil-free glow, a bad one could end up making you look like a ghost.

Test your compacts, not just in natural lighting but under the flash too, to avoid any disaster.

Use a makeup setting spray

To have your makeup last even longer, use a makeup setting spray after you’re done with your entire makeup routine. Using it after powder ensures that everything is locked in its place, and it also makes your face powder look more natural.

Blotting Paper

While most women like to opt for a compact powder to get rid of the excess oily skin, the situation can get tricky when you can’t make your way to a mirror to make sure you are applying the right amount and in the right places.

With blotting paper, you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you have extra shine on your face, then all you have to do is, take out a blotting paper, dab it on your face and you’re done!