Attractive young woman leaning on her elbows doing exercise for buttocks muscles at gym
Image: Shutterstock/GaudiLab

9 beauty benefits that come from working out

Do you find it hard to get motivated to exercise? There are a lot more benefits that come from working out besides losing weight. Here are nine beauty benefits you can look forward to.

Better Hair

That increased blood flow that comes from working out is also beneficial to your hair follicles. Hair follicles respond to stimulation from working out. Once you settle into a consistent exercise regimen, you’ll likely find that your hair grows faster and thicker than before.

Glowing Skin

Working out gets your blood flowing better throughout your body. After an intense exercise routine, you’ll notice that your cheeks are rosy, your lips are tinged red, and you seem to have an allover glow. In fact, you’ll look so good, you’ll want to go out afterwards to take advantage of your natural beauty!

Longer Nails

Say goodbye to brittle nails and thin, peeling nails. Women who work out typically experience better nail growth than those who don’t. If longer, healthier nails are something you’d like to have, make sure you work out on a regular basis. Nails benefit from oxygenated blood, which is what happens when you participate in aerobic exercise like swimming, jogging or walking briskly. Say goodbye to brittle nails and thin, peeling nails.

Clear Eyes

Have you experienced waking up to bloodshot, yellow eyes? A lot of that can be due to built up toxins in your body. If you look at a young child’s eyes, you’ll see how clear and bright the whites are. That’s because they haven’t been exposed to junk food, alcohol and environmental toxins. Unfortunately, most adult women have. But you can get that clear-eyed look again by integrating a work out routine into your life. Exercise helps your body to rid itself of toxins by increasing metabolism. When you work out regularly, your hard work will pay off with clear eyes!

Shapely Legs

You don’t have to be a female body builder to get shapely legs from working out. Most exercises will give you some kind of muscle tone in your calves and thighs, including walking, running, yoga and tennis.

Stronger Core

There are definitely workouts that specifically target your core, but you don’t have to focus on that area of your body to reap the beauty benefits. After a time of healthy workouts, you’ll notice your stomach and abs naturally drop that unsightly layer of fat, exposing a strong, muscled core area underneath.

Easier Dressing

When you workout, you will achieve an overall toned body that is better suited to just about anything you want to try on. No longer will you have to struggle to fit into those skinny jeans or suit jacket that won’t button closed. Everything in your closet, and most things in the store will just fit and look great on you. Even bathing suits!

Sculpted Arms

Have you always been envious of those women with sculpted arms who totally rock sleeveless tops? Now that can be you? Say goodbye to flabby arms when you keep going on your workout routine. You’ll be wearing sleeveless dresses and tanks everyday so you can show off your sculpted arms!

Fewer Breakouts

Nothing is worse than waking up to a breakout. It happens to the best of us, but not as often when you work out regularly. Working out helps get rid of the skin bacteria that can lead to breakouts. As long as you wash well after each workout, you can look out to less acne and a clearer complexion.

Now you have nine good reasons to either keep up the good work or to start your new workout routine!