How to stop a bleeding pimple
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Ice: it’s not just for drinks. You may have heard of people using ice for beauty uses, but you’d be shocked at how many ways you can actually use it to your advantage. And, what’s great is that ice is practically free. From taking down the swelling of acne to rejuvenating the skin, below are several of our favorite ways to incorporate ice into your beauty routine.

Puffy eye remedy: To reduce swelling around the eyes, place an ice cube under them. This will really reduce swelling. Make sure to hold a paper towel between the skin and the ice to prevent chilling the skin too much.

Icy cleansers: Freezing an antioxidant-filled slush is a great way to make use of some frozen goodness. A popular ice cleanser involves pureeing some cucumber, adding it to an ice tray and freezing it. You can also add optional dollops of honey for moisture, a splash of lemon juice for brightening the skin or a couple handfuls of oatmeal as an added exfoliator. Then, rub the ice cube on your skin for several seconds and rinse thoroughly.

Primer: That’s right, primer. Probably one of the most shocking uses, ice can make a makeshift primer before you apply makeup. Rubbing an ice cube on your face for a few seconds before you apply makeup will tighten pores and allow for smoother foundation application.

Soothe a sunburn: Freeze aloe vera juice in ice cube trays, and then lightly rub the ice cube directly over a sunburn. The aloe and ice with act as a much-needed skin soother.

Ice water for the face: A popular beauty trend is dunking your face into ice water first thing in the morning. It can tighten pores, make a more glowing complexion and it will surely wake you up.

Remedy for cystic acne: A classic way to reduce the swelling of cystic acne (which can be a bummer to try to cover with makeup while swollen) is to place an ice cube in a paper towel and hold it to the breakout. Keep in there for a few minutes and watch the swelling go down.

Prevent blisters: If you’ve just had a minor burn, put ice on it right away. That can reduce the chance of a blister, which can ruin any beauty day.

Boost your complexion: Right after a steam facial or hot shower, rub an ice cube all over your face for a few seconds. That will tighten the pores back up and give you a flushed, glowing complexion.

Help remove a splinter: Nothing ruins a day like a pesky splinter. To get it out easier, numb the skin first by applying an ice cube in a paper towel to the spot for a few minutes. This will make it easier to fish around with those tweezers.

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