You really can’t go anywhere without seeing internet culture invading real life. From t-shirts boasting internet meme characters to movies based on mobile games to those emoji pillows that have popped up in many stores, it’s everywhere. And who says your nails can’t get in on the fun?

Internet nail art is perfect for getting a few laughs at a party. Fun costume party idea: go as the internet and deck yourself out in oddball memes. Bonus points for a certain era of the internet, like 1990s internet with a hamster dance picture or a “you have reached the end of the internet” sign around your neck.

Below are some of the best internet nail art trends inspired by pop culture.

Yellow face emoji nails

Yellow emoji nails are basically a given. If you can make a bright yellow base coat, let it dry and paint on a black smiley face, you’re set. Use your text messages for inspiration. If you want it to look more official, you can pick up some emoji nail stickers here.

Poop emoji nails

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

That triangular poop with the eyes and the smile seems to be everywhere. So people got inventive and put him on their nails.

Hipster nails

Adding a handlebar mustache to everything is a total internet hipster thing. Two swipes and you have one on your nails.

Random emoji nails

Not content with the most common emojis? Want that random cactus or pizza slice? Paint them on or you can get stickers here.

Ghost emoji

The cartoon ghost emoji is popular, especially around Halloween.

Doge meme nails

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This guy was at the height of his popularity in 2013, which in the internet age is like eons ago. Doesn’t mean he’s still not super cute. The only place you can really find nail stickers of him is etsy, though. Unless you’re the most “wow such amaze” nail artist ever.

Grumpy cat nails

Grumpy cat has reached the point of a ubiquitous cultural icon. So paint him on your nails, if you’re feeling creative.

Trollface nails

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

If you want more of a laugh than fine art and beauty, be sure to check out Trollface nails. You can find stickers for them here, as it may be hard to capture the exact purposefully creepy style.

Bonus: check out these nail drying hacks to lock in the floral design of your dreams.