short hair ombre

Love ombre but have shorter hair? Don’t let that stop you. It is advised that ombre in long hair should start farther down, like below the ears and lower, so it doesn’t like hair has merely grown out.

But ombre can still look great in short hair. Because the hair is short with this style, staring ombre farther up will look like a conscious fashion choice, since it’s not like the color could start farther down on the length. Bold “I meant to look like this” colors also counteract the grown-out look. So below are some of the best ways ombre has been adopted for shorter hair.

Green and blue fashion color ombre

green and blue fashion color ombre
Image: Pinterest

One of the best ways to designate ombre on short hair is to go with fashion colors. It adds to the “I meant to do this” look, rather than just looking like your blonde dye job grew out. An option that’s not too wild is a slightly more muted blue and green in dark hair. This looks great on lob haircuts.

Contrasting rainbow tips

contrasting rainbow tips ombre
Image: Pinterest

Along a similar vein is just going for rainbow tips of any shade. It also carries a very distinct statement vibe.

Lighter pixie lengths

lighter pixie lengths
Image: Pinterest

A really cool look is a half pixie cut with longer lengths to one side. The lengths make a good blonde ombre.

Ombre with front highlight

ombre with front highlight
Image: Pinterest

A way to get some geometry into the look is to go with a basic ombre in a lob. Then have a chunky highlight in some side-swept long bangs.

Blonde and dark contrast

blonde and dark contrast
Image: Pinterest

A stunning look is very dark hair at the top and yellow blonde ombre lengths in a lob. Start the blonde portion slightly staggered to create depth in the look.

Platinum waves

platinum waves
Image: Pinterest

A dramatic look is a white or silver platinum blonde ombre in a wavy lob. It’s a stunning statement look.

Warm caramel tips

warm caramel tips
Image: Pinterest

Another option is warm brown tips, as opposed to a fashion rainbow color. When contrasted against very dark hair, it gives a striking look.

Geometric platinum

geometric platinum ombre
Image: Pinterest

One very modern look is to have a lob that is longer in the front than the back. Make the tips platinum with a single full-length platinum highlight at the front of the hair.

Staggered copper highlights

staggered copper highlights
Image: Pinterest

Red shades always make amazing highlights. So one idea is thick, blazing copper highlights in shorter hair contrasting against several inches of roots. This could also work with auburn, burgundy and cherry red shades.