closeup of professional hairdresser hands doing beauty hairstyle a-la french twist
Image: frantic00/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for an easy and instant way to boost your personal style, you’ll want to look into hair accessories. Everything from golden butterflies to beautiful crystals can be made to look like they’re floating in your hair for a wonderfully whimsical experience. Below are some of the best hair accessories that you can use to boost some of your favorite hairstyles.

Hair clawLike to wear your hair up, but those smaller banana clips aren’t cutting it? A hair claw is the perfect solution for long and thick hair. And it helps pull off an elegant look.

Feather clipWant a romantic style for a formal event? A metallic feather clip will look both elegant and whimsical.

Hair braiderLove braids, but sick of trying to keep track of all those individual strands? Then you’ll want a hair-braiding tool that helps hold your strands in place. You just pull the strands through the tool to end up with a beautiful braid.

Geometric hairpinIf you want something that looks good both for a formal event and a casual one, this geometric hair clip is perfect. It’s a metal triangle outline that sits over tied hair, so it’s minimalist but elegant.

Crystal flower clipFor more formal occasions, a crystal flower pattern always look pretty when added to the side of a bun or over a half-up do. This elegant pin makes it look like there’s a bouquet of crystal flowers in your hair.

Golden rose headbandWant a bit of an accent in a more classic headband style? This piece is a line of gorgeous golden roses attached to an elastic piece for comfort.

Crystal hairpinsAnother great piece for a more formal event, this adds crystal pieces to some gold wiring so it look like there’s sprigs of elegant baby’s breath in the hair. It’s a perfect look for weddings.

Hair chainsAnother option is to go with elegant chain pieces. These gold chains have natural designs on them of foliage and butterflies. They drape nicely around the back of the head, so they look great with either a half-up do or hair that is just hanging down casually.

Pearl and crystal hairpinsThese are another great option for weddings. They’re basic hairpins that have pearls and crystals formed into a flower pattern. These are the perfect accent to that fancy up do.