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9 no-heat hairstyles

May 9, 2017

no-heat hairstyles

If you’re trying to get a very specific hairstyle, it may seem like you have to reach for those damaging heat styling tools. But there are tons of little tricks that can get you curly, straight or wavy hair without heat tools. Many of these styles look stunning for the day and then will lead to wavy hair after you take them out. So below are several no-heat hairstyles to help you kick your heat styling tool habit if you’re sick of the damage they can cause.

No-heat curls

If you’d like wavy, light curls, this method just requires a little prep before bed. While you have damp hair, you’ll section your hair off and twist into tight coils with your hands. Then pin the coils on the top of your head. Leave in for the night, and in the morning your hair will be curled.

Easy boho crown braid

For this look, form a thick three-strand braid, starting at the temple. Lead it around the head into a half-up do. Do this on both sides. It’s an easy way to get a romantic look with no heat, and if you do this while your hair is damp, you’ll add some easy waves into the front of your hair after you let the style down.

Twist pony

This is so no-heat, it works best on wet hair. You tie a low, side ponytail. Then flip it over on itself. Do this a few more times lower down on the ponytail for a fun, twist ponytail that will lead to waves later.

No-heat beach waves

For this you’ll need styling products. You’ll want a line of hair products that specifically makes your hair messy, like got2be’s mess-merizing. They have a hairspray, a putty and a spritz that all help your hair look like you’ve just come from the beach.

The tuck-and-cover (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/531987774716055511/):

With this style, you start with a French braid running along the hairline. Then tuck the rest of your hair into an elastic headband that goes all the way round the head. You should end up with a French braid up front and a looped pattern around the head.

Basic double braid

For an easy way to get waves, just braid damp hair into two French braids. It looks stunning while braided and leads to waves when you let your hair down later.

Scarf curls (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/319966748505461276/):

If you want dramatic curls without heat, one creative idea is to tie a scarf into the length of your hair, and then wrap your hair around the scarf in a tight twist pattern. Secure with hair ties. Your hair should be damp for this. Leave it in for a few hours to all night, and then release in the morning.

No-heat controllable curls

If you want straight hair without the flat iron, there’s a ton of goofy home remedies, like adding brown sugar to your hair. (That’s been busted.) Instead, use a commercial product like Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Creme for Coarse Curls to keep frizz-bomb curls at bay.

Easy soft waves

For this, you’ll simply hold different sections of your hair curled around your finger while your hair is damp and drying. Nothing too dramatic, but it adds a nice little wave to the lengths.

Michelle Lovrine Honeyager is a freelance writer living in Southeastern Wisconsin. You can find out more about her at https://www.clippings.me/michellelovrine.


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