girls night out getting ready
Image: iC

When you work all day and head straight to social activities in the evening, it can be stressful trying to keep your makeup fresh all day. In the summertime we tend to take more vacations, which can also take a toll on the energy of our faces. To effortlessly keep your face makeup fresh and lively all day and all night long, follow these nine steps when your schedule gets overbooked.

  1. Use a moisturizing, non-harsh face wash to completely clean your face before applying makeup. This will wash away dirt and oils that will cause your makeup to come off sooner.
  2. Primer is essential. Apply primer over any red spots, blemishes, or pimples you want to completely cover up. Primer keeps the makeup on longer while making it apply more evenly and smooth.
  3. When you’re going all night, you’ll want a separate eye primer too. Eye primer will allow your eye shadow to go on smoothly, but it will also prevent creasing, which often happens after several hours of wearing eye makeup. Be sure to use powder eye shadow. It is less likely to slip compared to cream shadow.
  4. Apply lip balm to your lips before using lipstick or lipgloss. Think of lip balm as a lip primer.
  5. Dab a little concealer on top of the lip balm before applying lipstick to give your lipstick a bolder, more matte appearance that is less likely to rub off on drinking glasses.
  6.  Waterproof mascara will stay on longer compared to other types of mascara, especially when you are exposed to any wet weather conditions, watery eyes, humidity, and sweat.
  7. Once you have applied all of your makeup slowly and carefully, don’t touch your face throughout the day or night. Even resting your chin on your hand can start to rub off your foundation.
  8. Bring oil sheets in your clutch to remove excess oil without removing your makeup. As you remove oil, you are helping your face stay clean, which will keep your makeup in place.
  9. Mix tea tree oil and steeped and cooled green tea together in a tiny spray bottle. Bring this along for a quick spritz to energize your face and create a fresh glow as if you just applied your makeup a minute ago.