beautiful african american woman with colorful scarf blue background

Hair scarfs can seem a little daunting. Usually they conjure up images of complicated, knotted head wraps seen in more ethnic styles. These styles below, however, focus on easy ways to wear hair scarfs that don’t require several hours of studying YouTube tutorials on how to tie the scarf. They fit right into many existing hairstyles and are a fun accent to add to your look right before you run out the door.

Casual headband: For this look, you’ll fold the scarf until it forms a narrow headband. Tie it around your head where a crown would sit. Tying a little bow up front is a nice touch.

Over the shoulder: This look simply wraps a scarf around the head where a headband would go. You’ll need a big scarf for this, as the scarf should hang down over one of the shoulders. Knot the scarf below one of the ears. The hair is tied up in a messy bun.

Around a high bun: This look ties a small scarf right around a high bun, like a thick hair tie. The scarf is knotted under the bun.

The cross knot: Here’s a very classic way to wear a scarf. It also has the scarf going over the head where a headband would be. You’ll need a long scarf for this. You’ll simply wrap the scarf around your head, twist the two ends around each other in the front and then continue wrapping like this so you have a knotted twist pattern at the front. Tie the scarf at the back.

Going retro: Classic looks from the mid-20th century had women wearing scarfs over their hair loosely. You can do this by draping a scarf over your hair and tying it around your neck to secure it. It’s great for retro looks and theme parties.

The gypsy: This look simply drapes the scarf over the top of the head more tightly that the look above it. It looks great over long, wavy hair. Then you tie the scarf right behind one of the ears tightly, a standard knot will do. Let the rest of the scarf hang over the shoulder.

The hippie: This easy look just has a wide, thick scarf going around over the forehead. Tie the scarf in back. Also, tie this over straight hair. It looks great over textured waves.

Scarf braid: This hyper creative look works a scarf right into a braid. You wrap a scarf around the head in a headband pattern. You’ll need a long scarf, as you’ll then tie a three-strand braid, working the two scarf strands into the braid right along with two of the three hair strands.

Around a ponytail: This style simply ties a smaller scarf around the tie of a low ponytail. It’s easy and casual, and adds a bit of color to a look.