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It’s finally happening. If you’re that classic 90s girl, then you probably already know that those dusty boxes of clothes in your attic are relevant again. Yes, 90s trends are back. Fashion always recycles itself, and right now we’re moving past the 60s and 70s, skipping the 80s, and diving straight into the world of white sneakers, butterfly clips, denim and killer boots (when they weren’t synonymous with goth). When the 90s were in full swing, our go to style girls included Rachel Green and Cher Horowitz, and if you don’t know who they are you probably had bad fashion taste. But we have more faith in you, and we know the excitement might be just too much. Navigating all of those Pinterest boards is probably giving you a headache, so we compiled some of the biggest 90s trends that are currently making the rounds on Pinterest as we speak.


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This is one accessory that blew up as one of the biggest 90s trends in existence, but we’ve seen them throughout time since the corset days. Pushed aside in the advent of 2000, celebrities are making these babies a trend once more. They only wish they were as cool as 90s Drew Barrymore, though.


Image: Kotryna Bass
Image: Kotryna Bass

OK, flannel isn’t really isolated to the 90s, but that period birthed the grunge look which paired flannel with scuffed up slip-ons and a rocker-chic vibe. Today we’d call it the hipster vibe, and we all have at least one friend who claims to be that. But flannel can totally be classy—just look at this bride who dressed her massive bridal party in the comfortable fabric.

Doc Martens

Image: Wonderfully You
Image: Wonderfully You

Founded in Germany, the British footwear and clothing brand is very popular in Europe, but stateside their appeal faded after the 90s trend phase. Now, these masculine shoes are growing in popularity among people who go for a more androgynous look. I mean, Alicia Vikander wore a similar Louis Vuitton style combat boots at the 2016 Met Gala, so that has to say something. We’re in love with all of these cool colors and styles.

Accent braids

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Hair braiding never went out of style, but you might remember having your best girlfriend help you with a few small small braids here and there, tying them off with your colored rubber bands. While we’re used to seeing thicker braids on everyone’s head right now, people like Blake Lively are starting to bring back the itty bitty braid trend. Hair braiding has gotten to be pretty crazy, but simple braids like these are just as cool.

Graphic-tee Crop tops

90s trends
Image: Styles for Less

Crop tops have stayed in style for decades now, but in the 90s the trend was to wear retro, graphic crop tops with high-waisted, frayed denim shorts. Classic looks like this MTV logo crop top sold on American Outfitters are making the rounds again, and Forever 21 even sells a Guns N’ Roses crop top. Hopefully you’ll pull it off better than Kelly Clarkson circa 2005.


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Image: Shutterstock/Diana Indiana

Yes, there was a time when the belly button was the best accessory. You see, people like Britney Spears didn’t know how to wear crop tops when they were younger, and thus they bared their midriff quite frequently, making stomach-baring shirts one of the most popular 90s trends. If Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s latest red carpet outings have anything to say about it, we’ll be seeing people’s tummies a lot more frequently. Victoria Justice certainly agrees.


Image: ASOS
Image: ASOS

This might make some people cringe, but if you were a true late 80s to mid 90s chick, the reemergence of scrunchies will make your heart sing. And if someone complains about your “out-dated” accessory just say to them, “How rude!” in classic Stephanie Tanner-style. Here’s some of the many ways you can wear them.

Denim on floral

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The idea of denim anything-other-than-jeans may scare or repulse you, but a denim jacket is actually a pretty chic accessory. Over a pretty floral dress or paired with a casual shirt and floral shorts or skirt, denim can add a bit of a masculinity without losing that feminine edge. For a slightly dressier version, check out this pairing.

Slip dress

90s trends
Image: Urban Outfitters

Back then, this 90s trend was considered chic and sophisticated—if done well. Otherwise, you looked like you were wearing a night teddy. For better or worse, people like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez (even Elle Fanning likes the style) are putting the classic slip dress look on the map again. You can dress it up with a t-shirt and really rock the 90s vibes, or you can go for a sexier look like this model.

The plaid skirt

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In all honesty, we’ve all tried to rock that mature schoolgirl look as well as Rachel Green and Cher Horowitz before, with dastardly results. But the look can actually be pretty sophisticated, and a lot of young girls are pairing them with oversized sweaters and tanks with cool jewelry and accessories for a casual look. If you do it right, we promise you’ll end up more Oxford-chic and less jailbait/hooker. Check out this cute pairing with black and white converse.